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    Reading about Viral Diseases

    Go to www. Really Good reading about diseases caused by Viruses. Go to bottom of page see links. Geo (ps) I had to write this in because ALS Forums site wont let me give links. :mad:
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    Are You A Zoner. LOL

    How Many folks are Zoners ? A Zoner is someone who wakes in the morning ,sits on the side of the bed a goes into a Zone where no one can reach them LOL.? My wife is a daytime Zoner , I ask a Question and No one is home to answer . I get Well i was thinking about something . HMMMMMMM Wander What...
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    For those who didnt catch my post on these I did go to Vital Stimulation Therapy and then bought my own machine online . And yes it does help ,no cure but it helps me . When i went they said if you have ALS this will be at your own risk ,but i gambled . I did the 14 treatments and the head guy...
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    Chin Tuck Swallow

    For those who have swallowing issues do not sit back and swallow .Sit up and swallow tucking your chin down ,this shuts your epiglotis and keeps food or liquids out of your lungs.or airway.Geo
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    Beware of what goes on at your next Doc. Visit

    When you go for your next visit take note . Does the doc enter the room and greet you with a hello my name is---------. Or does he or she enter the room looking at your chart and not you ? Does he or she enter and want to shake your hand ? Does he or she stay accross the room when interviewing...
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    One Part of us Doesnt work real Good But

    Our Brains have issues ,But our ability to reason is not impaired . We may not move good, But we can reason things out . So come on now and lets reason things out . Anyone have any new info lately ? Geo:?
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    Look at the Map of PLSers

    Man if you look at the map closely you'll see a definite pattern . Starting up in Quebec heading down the east Coast ,then accross westward then you'll see as Population decreases so do the Markers ,which means it goes hand in hand with increase in Population . MS follows the Rust Belt . also if...
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    Internal Body Clock

    Waking in the night and not getting back to sleep for Hours . Sound Familiar to anyone ? Im finding in searches that Central Nervous System Disorders can have this . Geo:?:
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    Military Veterans Misdiagnosed

    Did anyone get the latest news ,Their saying 1800 Veterans Misdiagnosed with ALS? Geo
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