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    Spasticity in leg

    I foundCalm on Amazon. Can’t wait until it arrives! I belong to a support group for ALS and no one in that group has any pain. Normally I can ask a question and get several solutions. This group is wonderful!
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    Spasticity in leg

    Thanks, Al. I will definitely give that a try! I am currently taking 200mg of tramadol every night just to be able to sleep! With this ALS, I don’t worry about this becoming a problem with becoming addicted, lol, but it is a problem with constipation and other things. I’m assuming that if you...
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    Hair thinning?

    I am taking Baclofen! That makes more sense. I see my neurologist at UCSF mid August. I’m not that vain, but if there is something else we could sub for that, would sure be willing to try it! Thanks for responding.
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    Hair thinning?

    One of my most enjoyable things has always been very thick, lovely hair. I started using my BiPap in December. Because I am Bulbar onset, I also need a chin strap in order to keep my mouth closed. In the last two months my hair in the front has thinned horribly. I can see scalp most days...
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    Karen, I’ve had my PEG for over a year now. It really makes life easier mentally so I don’t need to worry about choking, etc. My weight is maintained as well. It’s reslly too bad that this didn’t happen early spring so you could enjoy the pool! Cathy, shaving my legs especially since summer...
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    Resisting use of meds for pain control

    Kim, I agree with you . The cream helps a lot although it doesn’t do much of a job on leg cramps. But a sore neck, shoulder, etc, will sure be lots better with the cream.
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    Carpet runner

    Our ALS group loaned a Sara Stedy sit to stand assist. My CALS and I both think this will be a great tool for us. The only issue we have is that it is difficult to use on carpet. We have been searching on line and can’t find a plastic runner that indicates it would work for a wheelchair or...
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    Pain in ALS

    I remember reading that you had muscle cramps as well. I have had restless leg syndrome for several years. I tried taking two drugs specifically for that. One caused vomiting two nights in a row (ropinerol) and the other caused me to feel wired. Since the diagnosis, which was Bulbar to...
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    Pain in ALS

    When we are in California we try to make an ALS therapy group that meets once a month. We find that the open discussions are very helpful. Today we had several caregivers as well as the PAls. Discussion came up regarding pain associated with ALS and there was no one there that had pain of any...