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    Wheelchair carrier

    We are looking for a low cost alternative to a wheelchair van. This would be for occasional outings where I want to use my wheelchair instead of a walker. Since we already own a pickup truck (Toyota Tacoma), we have been looking at a carrier that attaches to the trailer hitch. Does anyone have...
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    Permobil M300 PWC too bumpy

    I received a Permobil M300 loaner from my local ALS Society a few months ago. I've been having fun with getting out and about, especially now that the weather is nice. But one problem is that the ride is really bumpy. For example, when I go over sidewalk cracks it feels like I'm really hitting...
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    PWC on bad sidewalks

    I have an OT coming in a few days to discuss getting a PWC or scooter from the ALS loan closet. I currently use a rollator indoors and out but would like some freedom to get to the nearest bus stop (0.5 km) or our local coffee shop (1 km). I'm leaning towards a PWC, since scooters seem so...
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    Vehicle advice

    I am looking for input on when to buy a wheelchair van. I need to replace my current car as it is 17 years old and getting to be unreliable. The difficulty is that we are confused about which direction to take. It's been 5 years since my first symptoms (started with bulbar). In the last year...
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    Stickies button?

    I wonder if it is possible to add a Stickies button to the main banner (say beside "New Threads")? People are often directed to consult the Stickies but the sticky posts can be hard to find on the website.
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    Falls accelerate progression?

    I try not to fall, but it happens now and again. My latest was 3 weeks ago. This time I broke my collarbone. The collarbone is healing nicely, but I seem to have lost an unusual amount of function in my arms and legs. Has anyone else noticed a jump in their progression after a trauma...
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    Baclofen hair loss?

    Anyone notice hair loss as a side effect of Baclofen? I have been on Baclofen for just three weeks. I am now at a dose of 5 mg in morning, 10 mg at bedtime. Not sure if it is helping with spasticity, but it seems that my hair is falling out. I don't see hair loss listed as a known side...