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    I am hopeful for anyone still waiting for SSDI to begin and all future ALS sufferers that this is signed as expected ASAP.
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    Newish confirmed Bulbar ALS with positive C9

    Thank you Nikki. I am kinda kicking myself for not trying Metformin years ago for PECOS. I don’t think I have PECOS I just had more muscles then the average 5 foot woman. I *used* to build muscle super easily. And Dr’s sometimes only see weight and BMI. On the other hand it’s quite refreshing...
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    Newish confirmed Bulbar ALS with positive C9

    I am 47 not married and no kids. I do have positive C9 and my dad died 5 years ago after a long battle with Dementia and he had lost the ability to speak at the end and was in a wheelchair. He was 73. Long story as all ALS diagnosis is. First symptoms started September 2019 with slurred speech...
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    Things that helped you as a PALS

    I am fairly new to my ALS journey but have already made some changes as my symptoms progressed. I first had symptoms of Bulbar ALS in September 2019 with a slight slur that stayed slight until January 2020.and got progressively worse until I quit working in June 2020. I finally got a diagnosis...