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  1. lisa g

    Happy 4th

    Happy 4th to all.
  2. lisa g

    Florida Clinics

    Was wondering if any PALS living in South Florida have ever used the Phil Smith Neuroscience ALS Clinic in Fort Lauderdale? All the Clinics seem to be anywhere from 2 1\2 to 3 1/2 hours from where I'm located. This one seems to be the closest and is rated as an ALS certified center of...
  3. lisa g

    Thank You for your service

    To all those that have served...Thank You
  4. lisa g

    Happy Mother's Day

    To all you great Moms out there wishing you a love and peace today. Enjoy making memories with your family's
  5. lisa g

    Radicava question

    My neurologist has suggested that I start Radicava. I do not have a port so I'm wondering if anyone gets the infusions without having a port? Do they leave a IV line in for 14 days?
  6. lisa g

    Florida clinics

    Hi Kevin Glad to hear from you. I actually wanted to get with you and Kim and ask a question about ALS clinic. Do you go to Mayo? I am currently going to Cleveland Clinic in Weston for my second opinion. Not expecting a different outcome just for verification of original diagnosis. I'm located...
  7. lisa g

    Happy Father's Day

    Just wanted to wish all of you fathers a Happy Father's Day 😘 Enjoy your loved ones and make some happy memories
  8. lisa g


    Does anyone know about the clinical trial of Ibudilast I read a segment on ALS weekly news. It sounded promising, that it worked together with Riluzole .
  9. lisa g

    Going for 2nd opinion

    I have some questions about my test results from my neurologist and was hoping someone could explain my results. I have pictures of the EMG and nerve conduction reports and am trying to figure out how to insert them.(not that tech savvy). I have an appointment for June 27th with a neuro...
  10. lisa g

    CBD oil

    I have been reading about the benefits CBD oil has on symptoms. Confused about the different grades. Can someone that is using the oil let me know the benefits. Plus, is it OK to buy from a health food store or should it be purchased through a dispensary? I'm new to all this and there is so...