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    Mucus and breathing issues

    Thanks for the advice Steve. My brother uses the Resmed Astral as well. I am sure he can pack that for the trip. I will remind him to make sure he packs all the accessories.
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    Mucus and breathing issues

    My brother who has ALS has been having trouble with mucous. He is now looking into the cough assist with suction. I suggested he drink pineapple juice as I read it helps with the mucous. He did say it helps. Our family plans to travel by plane for a reunion in June. He uses a non invasive...
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    Cough assist

    I recently went to visit my brother. He does use the bipap machine for short intervals. I noticed he clears his throat a lot to try and clear the phlegm. He can’t cough it up. I got some pineapple juice to help with the mucous and he said it has helped.
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    In Memory of Amy

    I am so sorry for your loss. She is now at peace.🙏🏻
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    Cough assist

    Does anyone know if the cough assist is a different machine than the breathing machine my brother uses now? I know there is a suction machine that is used with the cough assist . And is there a portable breathing machine or suction for travel? Thank you.
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    Gait belt with feeding tube?

    I am a retired Orthopedic nurse. We would put the gait belt underneath the armpits if they had an incision on their back and this helped.
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    It feels like we are wasting precious time

    Is there any way you can work from home? I know what you mean. My brother’s wife is going to be able to work from home most of the time so she can spend more quality time with my brother who has ALS.
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    Wayne Thomas

    Bestfriends14. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how difficult this is. May you find comfort in your faith, family and friends.
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    If you are looking to increase calories there is a supplement called Benacalorie. It is 1.5 oz liquid you can mix with most foods or drinks. 350 calories. It is tasteless. I ordered some on Amazon for my brother who has lost a considerable amount of weight. He is on tube feedings but is...
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    Bipap in the hospital

    As a retired nurse. In the hospital I worked at we were required to make patient rounds every hour to evaluate our patient’s needs. I am sorry they are not assisting more.