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    I had "overflow incontinence" 3 times & was sent to a neurourologist for evaluation. The doc said that the PLS & baclofen blew out the nerves that tell the bladder to empty, so my bladder was getting so full that it overflowed w urine. The scary part: there is a very real possibility that this...
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    Cather's and all the problems and maybe solutions

    whoops, I forgot one suggestion: If you continue to have the bladder spasms, ask for B & O suppositories. They are actually Belladonna & Opium, and will help a great deal w the spasms. The Belladonna helps stop the spasms, ans the opium settles the area doen a bit. God bless you, gramps
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    Cather's and all the problems and maybe solutions

    Hello, I am a PALS, but also a Family Nurse Practitioner, and...I have to do intermittent self-catheterization. So I have a few observations: 1. An 18 or 20 French catheter is VERY small for an adult indwelling cath. I have used 20fr on 7 year old kids, NOT adults. I was taught to use a 12 or...
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    Question about wheelchair vans-

    Hello Mare, We recently purchased the Braun/Toyota Sienna & are VERY pleased with the choice. Why Toyota? For the simple fact that I have put as many as 292,000 miles on Toyotas in the past & have never has a bad experience w them. I am certain that the Honda is just as good. My research...
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    peg site

    PEG site irritation Rhonda, I am a male PALS that also happens to be a nurse practitioner. Have you considered contacting an ostomy/stoma nurse? The American Cancer Society can usually direct you to one. They have a GREAT deal of expericence helping people with skin irritation/breakdown for...
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    Elevated Liver Enzymes

    Liver enzymes Zen, I hoped that, by now, you have received the results of your follow-up lab work, and the liver is now okay. I will attempt to answer you questions, since no one has replied. The elelvated enzymes indicate that SOMETHING is damaging your liver & its ability to remove toxins...
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    Can ALS affect eyesight?

    Have you considered med side effects Brentt, Many of the medications that they prescribe for us (Rilutek, Baclofen, etc) can have side effects that include changes in visual acuity. Perhaps you can look up (Google) your specific meds and then see if the visual changes correlate to the times...