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We're always keeping ALS forums updated with new features, systems and upgrades.  Keep up-to-date with all of our changes on this page.

Top 4 changes and the reasons they empower members

ALS Forums Responsive v2.0

You might have noticed recently that the website has undergone many changes. It looks different, works a little different, and perhaps you're curious why.  

In this post we'll cover all the changes to the website and the reasons behind the changes.

ALSforums Gets Responsive

ALSforums Responsive Examples (iPhone + Mac Book)

We've launched a brand new website design and theme for both the front-end of our website and back-end.

The new theme will enable all visitors to enjoy our website from smart phones, small screened devices, tablets and desktops. The theme will respond appropriately to each device and provide a well balanced viewing and browsing experience.

Our hope is that the new responsive layout will enable individuals from all devices to enjoy our community without the impediment of hard to read text, small fonts, and other limiting factors.


Looking to the future by glancing into the past

In building a new website I came across a news posting from December of 2006. The post shares with everyone our excitement at the growth of the forum.  Looking back almost 10 years, who would have thought that growth would have continued and finally, plateaued.  

You can read the article here: Happy Holidays - New Year, New People, New Hope (December 27th, 2006)

Here are some general statistics, we hope to see these grow next year: