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Default For anyone freaking out over twitching as their only symptom

In looking through these forums before posting my own topic, I've noticed something that may help alleviate some fears where people are trying to diagnose themselves and find some common answers.

For years, on and off, I've been concerned about my father in law, who has confirmed family history of als. So naturally every time he gets a symptom of anything from pain to numbness or even stubs his toe (yes, dumn I know) my overactive and anxious imagination immediately goes straight to the worst case scenario and I start freaking out big time.
Guess what happens when I get stressed out - I twitch.
Every time my anxieties go up worring about someone else's health, I start twitching and jerking up a storm, and I am completely healthy! So for anyone coming to these forums looking for some reassurance (as I keep doing), and only end up scaring themselves further, I just want to say that absolutely, without a doubt - stress and worrying WILL CAUSE TWITCHING. I can't emphasize that enough.

I created my own symptom. All that worrying does that to a person.
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