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On the living-with-als groups there are several threads about clogged tubes and I think you have to join the group to read the threads. Here is the link and I've posted a 3 threads below:


Sometimes the inside opening of the tube can be up against the stomach
wall making it appear clogged. The stomach moves around & changes shape &
sometimes just twisting the tube will free it up. As long as you're rinsing &
using liquids it shouldn't clog. Crushing pills & dissolving them in plenty of
water shouldn't be a problem either. The plunger should clear it easily. I've
poured Pepsi in mine on occasion but haven't had a clog in 5 years. I have a
20 French size & replace them every 4-6 months because the caps wear out &
leak sometimes.

Best Wishes,
David Dx 6/96 Vent 1/00
Don't forget to live!

Thank you, one and all, for the advice on the clogged tube. I
ran everything but a truck through it last night (flushing warm
water, then soda [now, THAT was fun!] through it). This morning, I
got a suggestion to use an empty syringe and draw the plunger UP, to
see if that would break the clog, or show me what it was. It must
have resolved itself while I slept because I'm able to use it
again. I just had visions of it being clogged all weekend long and
not getting enough hydration. Every suggestion made will be kept
for the next time. Since I'm still able to swallow pills, the
additional suggestion of more hydration via the tube around pill-
time is another good one.

Susan: We have had the same problem sometimes, with Jorgeīs PEG (24 fr), but
the last thing we did, was to take a suction machine and put a slim catheter
#10 into the tube and suction with the machine. That worked!.
Donīt worry, because every time that happened, we have been able to
"unclogg" it.

Take care

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