These are medical drugs often used by patients with ALS or MND.

Medical and Medicine Terms

computed tomography

A non-invasive X-ray procedure that takes cross-sectional images of the brain or other internal organs. It detects abnormalities that may not show up on an ordinary x-ray. This is often referred to as a CT or CAT Scan.

Classical ALS

A progressive neurological disease characterized by a deterioration of upper and lower motor nerve cells (neurons). This type of ALS affects more than two-thirds of all people with ALS. Classical ALS is a distinct syndrome characterized by a combination of UMN and LMN problems and occurs in about two thirds of people with ALS.


A cell marker on bone marrow derived cells.

brisk reflex

A condition that describes the deterioration of the upper motor nerve cells (neurons).


Slow, involuntary movements of the hands and feet.


Failure of muscular coordination, irregularity of muscular action - may lead to the loss of balance.


An X-ray scan of arteries going to and through the brain. Patients who have arteriograms first are injected with a radiopaque dye. Also known as an angiogram.