foam collar

A foam collar is the most readily available collar because they are accessible, lightweight, least expensive and easiest to find. While a foam collar is available, they are the least dependable, least durable and most uncomfortable of the assistive collars available. They are particular uncomfortable and unsatisfactory for patients with ALS. Although foam collars can be found off-the-shelf, often found in large malls, markets, drug stores and big box stores, that are the worst fitting and often require manual do-it-yourself adjustment. Because they are poor fitting they are also most often constrictive and promote an undesirable claustrophobic feeling. Initially, some people may find a foam collar meets their needs up until their condition worsens. For instance, if a collar is only required during transfers between the bed or car, or when going to the bathroom, then a foam collar would be adequate and the owner can save some time and money with this collar. If a you choose a foam collar, it's often most desirable if the top front edge of the collar is cut so that the collar fits snugly under the entire chin rather than allowing the chin to ride up over the lower chin (which can cause uncomfortable rubbing and abrasion). Once the collar is fit to the patient, then stocking (hose), or a tube sock with its end cut off and hemmed can be rolled over the cut portion of the collar to ensure it is most comfy for the user.
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