My symptoms are getting in the way of my life

To begin with it even hurts to text because my hands r so weak and stiff. It was about a year ago when all of a sudden I was unable to sleep. Then that created major fatigue and few days after a nightmare. I kept waking up every minute from my sleep with major leg tremor, confusion, dizziness. This symptoms progressed and since then my life has turned upside down. My legs r so stiff and weak that I’m unable to walk. I haven’t fallen yet because I only walk around my house but I feel dizzy stiff and burning pain everywhere in body, swallowing problems, confusion, some tingly sensations in my body and even on my facE. I also have twitching and weird body vibrations. Right now as I quit my job because I wasn’t able to function anymore I’m laying down in my bed and I think I’m gonna die because how awful I feel. My speech is slurred I get vocal cord tremors , hand weakness clumsiness, heavy and painful feet and all other symptoms along that. I have seen a neurologist, rheumatolgist and primary as my symptoms started. I have been tested for auto immunie diseases, I had an mri done and musculoskeletal lab work. Which all came back normal. Two days I visited my neurologist and he requested and emg test.i am going crazy because my body is slowly shutting down and I would really appreciate a feedback. I’ve also had blurry vision and heavy headaches also major neck stiffness And pain. Please let me know what you all think and as I read many comments here from people who have been diagnosed I just wanna say you guys are warriors.

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