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Hello everyone ! Recently my father has been diagnosed with mnd . Last year in January 2017 he felt some irritation in his fingers while writing that was the first symptom but we didn't knew what it was just a normal thing for us .. In June he saw twitching in his forearm a minor one doctor said anexety ... in August he felt knee jerks with minor twitching not continuous once in a 5 min ...but at that point we didn't knew what was happening doctors told us anexity issues ..thn in September he felt alot of weakness but that was due to d3 defficeny and b12 defficency after that he started taking d3 capsules and his weakness was fine but the point is his d3 reduces again when he don't take tablets even while after siting in the sun and he is a cricket player he was continuously playing cricket in this condition without any problem till his diagnosis.. ...thn after 6 months position was same knee jerks ,minor twitching ,cramp ,and minor grip issue we went to a neurologist he asked for a emg /ncs ..reports showed everything normal except fibs/fas in bicep thn he asked us to go for CT scan mri and blood tests which were electrophiresis ,throid ,hyperthyroidism , antigad 65,b12,d3 ,heavy metals , hiv 1 and 2 ,hepatitis c , anti thyroid peroxide antibody these were the test all normal and on the basis of these tests he told us that thr is nothing in other test thn it means u have mnd. Are these tests sufficient ? We wanted to rule out every possibility but he don't even asked for a biopsy nor spinal tap nthng I don't trust these Indian doctors ...after 1 month he asked for an emg/ncs again ncs was good as compared to last Tym and emg was more good than last Tym because everything came out normal renervation with denervation at bicep besides this everything was normal including swallowing breathing , voice doctor asked us to go for radicava again a junior doctor checked my father and said that it's tym to be happy again u don't have mnd it was a great news for us but thn he told us that I will ask my senior as I have to save my skin coz I can't go against those doctors who have diagnoised you thn the senior most docotor checked out my father and told my father that your strength seems to be improved and there is no visible atropy in your body and got confused and said that let's wait for 2 months after 2 months I'm gonna check u for some other disease if it comes out positive that would be treated and you will be fine but presently you now need to go for radicava !!! How stupid this sounds they are not even sure whts happening pls someone help me out I want to rule out every possibility mimicking this problem

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