Elizabeth Peattie

Elizabeth Peattie

My darling mum was a very brave soul. Having lost her son in 1990 and then her husband in 2006, she was little broken but loved with every inch of her being! She lived for her 5 grandchildren. They were everything to her. She enjoyed making her granddaughters princess dresses, taking them to ballet and making up the best stories with them. They went on great adventures with her in their imagination.

When she made a friend it was for life. She enjoyed a friendship with her BFF for over 50 years, which transcended oceans and a multitude of obstacles.

It was my absolute pleasure to have her live with us for 11 years and help raise my 3 wonderful children. She moulded all of us into caring, gently people who also love fiercely.

She accepted her diagnosis with grace and in the almost 6 years that she battled this monster she only showed defeat a handful of times.

I will treasure every second that we spent together. I am very heartbroken that you needed to leave but I am glad that when the time came you were in fact ready to go.

I will love you eternally, until we meet again... Your daughter Liz.

City of Residence: 
Waterkloof Ridge
South Africa
Date of Diagnosis: 
March 2nd, 2011
May 24th, 1953
December 16th, 2017


David's picture

What a wonderful tribute for your mother. 

Thank you for sharing and wishing you all the best.  Your mother sounds like a very brave and strong woman.