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Default Hand Swelling

Good Morning,
Is swelling of the hands a common result of ALS? My husband, Vic is now troubled with his right hand swelling mostly at night.

Our local ALS Society has just provided him with a Track Ball system and that has made his use of the computer somewhat easier. He is soldiering on trying to make the best of a tough situation.

We are continually amazed and grateful for the wonderful support from the ALS Society here.

I read the forums every morning and gain insight and encouragement. Thanks to alll who write so eloquently. I'm afraid I don't have much to offer in those areas for now. Maybe in the future.

Have a peaceful and pleasant summer day wherever you are.

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Hi Jessie:
I don't recall any symptoms as you've mentioned, but I recall the nurses making sure that there is sufficient movement of water to the point where we were measuring inputs and outputs... yuk! Keeping hydrated is pretty imprtant to all of us... especially in this heat. (something that I refuse to complain about... winter will be here all too soon) but retention wasn't an issue with us.
I hope that otherwise all is as good as it can be. I have a track ball on my computer in the aircraft... it is more stable than a mouse in the turbulence! Pipe up on anything that you need... we're here to help if we can.


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I've never heard of swelling of the hands but my feet do swell occasionally. Usually after sitting fo long periods of time.
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trisha p

Hi Jessie,

During our Christmas trip to Disneyland, I recall my brother's hands swelling if he let his hands and arms hang when we were walking around alot. By the end of the day, his hands would be swollen - not sure what caused it. I always assumed that it was from not being able to raise them during the course of the day. His wife used to tuck them into the straps of a small knapsack when we were walking to give them a break from hanging all day. Not sure if it's the same thing but it doesn't seem to bother him anymore.

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I had the same thing happen to me in Vegas in May 04.
Walkin' around all day with my arms at my side, by evening, my hands swelled up and I had to have friends hold my drinks

Hasn't been a problem since...
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Hi Jessie,

Henry did not have too much problem with his hands swelling up. His feet and ankles were another problem though. As Al said, movement is the best recourse for that problem. Henry did have some slight swelling in his hands in the first couple of years, but nothing too significant. Keeping them both elevated is good for that problem though. Good luck to you both. Will talk soon.

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Interesting topic. I recently saw my PALS friend, and within the short time span ,I tried to visually assess the situation, and gently touch to determine the 'worm like' movement Al and some others have experienced. No snakes under the skin I could determine, but I was purposely looking at his hands for any signs of disability. What struck me was they looked puffy. The fingers did, but more so the top of the hand. I would have never equated that with ALS, not sure I can, beginning to think he doesn't have ALS at all. But that is another story. By the way, his hands were at rest when I saw him, but they had not been prior, could the swelling for those who have ALS and are experiencing it, be a result of this heat, drinking more fluids, or a by product of any medication they are taking?
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Default Re:

[quote:cef391d212="Al"]I've never heard of swelling of the hands but my feet do swell occasionally. Usually after sitting fo long periods of time.[/quote:cef391d212]

Sometimes I get a puffiness of the left foot. That's a sign that I need sleep. It invariably gets unpuffed when I get really lots of sleep.
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It was funny just after reading this post I went to visit Tim and he was telling me his newest symptom... feet swelling and they were. It reminded me of when I was pregnant with my children. He said after a good nights rest the swelling did go down. I told him to keep his legs elevated as much as he could through out the day and Home care said he might have to wear support stockings. I told him to get white they are more fashionable then the beige.
ALS About Loving Someone
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