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Default My sweet mama is in heaven now

August and September I spent a lot of time at my mom's. She told me she felt Jesus wanted to take her home. She had told my aunt that she saw a big nun at the foot of her bed. She said she didn't have much time left. I told her that that was why I was there so much, so I could be with her as much as possible. I'm so glad that I was, even when it was draining on me, and hard on my kids for me to be away so often. I'm especially glad that I did because on Monday night, September 23, my mom went into a comatose state. She had just been moved from her home to my aunt's house, where she wanted to be. Tuesday morning, my aunt called me and said that I should get over there to see her since her breathing became extremely shallow. I picked up my kids from school so that they could see her before she past. When I arrived, she was awake but could only respond by blinking. I gave her a hug and told her I loved her, and each of my kids gave her a hug. I am SO thankful for that short time I had with her, because after that, she went to sleep and never woke up.

Each day, we thought would be her last but she kept hanging on a little longer. When we were gathered around her and praying, my sisters and I all felt at different times someone touch us. My older sister felt a touch on the head while my younger sister and I both felt a light brush on our back. We all thought it was someone touching us but when we asked, no one had. When I realized that each one of us had felt something, I started crying because I felt that it was our mom touching us, one last time. I’ve heard of out-of-body experiences and I truly believe that while my mom was in this comatose state, she saw and heard everything as she was floating above her body. Others thought it was angels or the Lord.

September 26, 2013, my mom past away. I am at peace knowing she is now in Heaven with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, where she never has to suffer again. It was hard for me to see her suffer—harder to see her suffer than it is to say goodbye because I know I will one day see her again when I die and go to Heaven, and I know that she is so happy and surrounded in God’s glory.

I miss her like crazy. I cry myself to sleep sometimes. She was my best friend. I told her everything. She was always there for me. When I needed help, she wouldn’t hesitate to help me with whatever it was. Everybody always commented about how much we look alike. I was always proud of that. We loved going shopping together. We had so much fun together, and we shared so many interests and talents.

My sisters and I all seem to be going through different emotions and trade off, back and forth with how we feel. Some days are good. At the time that my mom died, I got a job at my favorite store to shop: Joann's Fabric. I felt like it was a gift from my mom. It all happened at the right timing. My first day of work (orientation) was the Monday after my mom's funeral. I've been busy working at Joann's and working with my business. I am thrilled with my life and couldn't be happier, other than if my mom was healthy and alive. But I miss her very, very much.

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Default Re: My sweet mama is in heaven now

so sorry for your loss Diana, it is so hard to lose them and yet your story really touched me and you now have all those memories and the peace of knowing you all were with her at the end doing it the way you all wanted.

I wish you peace and happiness in your great new job!
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Default Re: My sweet mama is in heaven now

Sorry for your loss, happy your mom is no longer suffering.
Take care, Trina
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Default Re: My sweet mama is in heaven now

I am very sorry for your loss, sending prayers for strength and comfort. Good luck at your new job. I have never been in a Joann"s but I order on line. Love it.
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Default Re: My sweet mama is in heaven now

So sorry that your Mom has passed..I am very close to my mother also and I cannot imagine a time without her. How wonderful you and your kids were there to be able to comfort her. In the end that is what we all wish for, and she must have led a very good life to be able to have had that..God bless.
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Default Re: My sweet mama is in heaven now

So sorry, Diana. You did so much for your mum. She lives on in you and all who love her. So nice you were all able to be with her at the end. Take care. Yasmin.
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Default Re: My sweet mama is in heaven now

I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I was also by my mother's bedside when she was passing away. I also felt a touch like you felt like a embrace. I didn't tell very many people about it because I thought they'd think I was crazy. My opinion was that it was God himself. Glad your family was there to say goodbye to her and give her peace at the end. I know it meant alot to me to be there for my mom.
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Default Re: My sweet mama is in heaven now

Diana, so sorry for your loss sending prayers to you and your family.
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Default Re: My sweet mama is in heaven now

There is no one like your Mother. My Mother passed away in 1998 and I still miss her. I am so sorry for your loss. The only thing that gets me through this journey, is I know my husband will be in heaven. I find great comfort in that. God Bless.
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