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Default Can dehydration or medication cause minimal hand tremors?

My husband is still undiagnosed - had 2 clean EMGs but severe swallowing and saliva-pooling problems. No muscle weakness or atrophy, negative Babinski.

My question is this; this morning I noticed his right hand trembling slightly. Is this a symptom to report to the doctor (who doesn't call back in any case)? Anyone heard of it being reaction to dehydration (he is mainly drinking Boosts and Ensures, which don't hydrate a lot), stress, sleeping medications (which also aren't working).

Another question: all the sleeping pills he's been prescribed work for the first hour,then he wakes up and is up all night.

Any suggestions?

Thanks to all for reading this,

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Default hi erica

you should definatly report the tremor to his neuro.
is it a action tremor or when hes at rest?
what sleep meds is he taking?
i take zopiclone,have done for some years with no problems.
it all depends on the type of sleep meds,some are just to send you off to sleep while others have a more long term effect to keep you asleep.
i think its valium and other antidepressant drugs they use to help you sleep for longer.
these are called benzodiazepines drugs and include diazepam,lorazepam,oxazepam.
zopiclone just send you off,since stopping my amitrptyline anti depressants that i took on a night the sleep med is not as effective.
please tell his neuro or gp about the tremor as soon as you can.
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I have a real bad tremor in right hand. Maybe about a year now, mostly when rest, I have been in ER. twice for kidney problems, from stone to UTI. They treated me both times for dehydration,which they said was the cause of my kidney problems, I am a diet coke and coffee drinker, no wonder I dehydrate easy, don't know if this contributes to hand tremor and have cut back on caffeine and take in more citrus drinks, do not notice difference in tremors though, just thought I would weigh in on this, hope you find answers soon.

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