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does cramping occur all over or in just one area .hands and feet feel more sore than crampish in calves feet and hands along with twitching in feet and legs mostly are these typical ALS symptoms very concerned no weakness that I could notice.I am a 35 yr old male avid weightlifter would I notice weakness also have had arm tremors pls help very concerned thanks!
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Weight lifters and fitness buffs (runners etc) are very prone to having muscle twitches. Usually cramping starts in one limb. Soreness in muscles is not common in most people in initial stages. You'd notice the weakness if you had it. How long has this stuff been going on?

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Hey, I am not a feet person either but you have some nice looking feet even with the atophy! It was interesting to see, and I appreciate it!
Mine dont look quite like that, it is more of an overall muscle loss and the tendons sticking out on top. I should post but I dont want anyone to see my tattoe...big mistake!
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thanks april,is your tattoo really bad? i am sure no one would mind.
you can not tell too much in the photos due to lighting but at the top of the foot just underneath the toes has atrophy.
this is causing the lower part of my toes to turn inwards and the top of them curl.
i have alot of cramp and stiffness in that foot and the arch has collapsed.
i am not sure if the arch collapsing is due to the atrophy or not,but i found out hypotonia in a leg can cause this to happen.
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