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Default Sore bottom

My MIL has a sore bottom from sitting. She has a cushion that she use that has a cut out for the tailbone but it really isn't helping anymore. I was just wondering if any of you all have a cushion that you use and really like. She sits all the time on her couch and her bottom doesn't get a rest. I asked her about trying a different chair, resting for awhile in bed to give her bottom a rest but she says no. Any suggestions would be great. I googled and looked at alot of different ones but thought I would ask her first. Thanks Josie

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Default Re: Sore bottom

One thing that really helps, Josie, is getting her reclined and her legs up. If she could have pillows against the arm of the sofa, her head on that end against the pillows, and her legs up with a pillow under her knees, she'd have the pressure points changed up. That's what I basically do in my power wheelchair when my "sitter" needs help desperately. I recline and tilt, so that the weight is on my back, with my feet up.

Another help is a "donut cushion". If you look at Amazon, there are some with blue covers, and are very comfortable (soft foam rubber) as well as inexpensive. Her cushion she presently uses sounds like a "tailbone relief" pillow. The donut I have takes pressure off my "sit bones" and onto my tailbone (think of the three bones as a triangle).
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Default Re: Sore bottom

Sorry your MIL is dealing with this. You are such a doll, always looking for help and support for her. I would second Ann's good advice. It sounds like what I do also. I have that problem with my legs when I sleep. I would definitely try the donut also, that could help with some relief..
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Default Re: Sore bottom

Josie -

I am sorry to hear about your MIL. I can't begin to imagine how uncomfortable it must be for her to sit all the time. My bottom gets sore just sitting a couple of hours at a time. Have you tried a donut pillow? An old friend of mine sat on one all the time and swore by it. Maybe try that and see how she does. Let us know!
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Default Re: Sore bottom

I sit in my wheelchair for 12 hours every day without moving. I am in bed, without moving, for the other 12 hours every day. I have never had a sore, but sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable.

I have a ROHO cushion on my wheelchair and a ROHO mattress on my bed. I swear by them.
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Default Re: Sore bottom

Well, I have a hospital bed ordered by my Dr, and it is taking forever! So I have been sleeping in my recliner for a while, but I can still get around unassisted. Anyway, I went to wally world, and got the thickest, and firmest pillow they have (beauty rest). I can't imagine my butt ever getting sore with it! I have a paralyzed friend that swears by the ROHO cushion too, but the pillow was cheaper...Sometimes I put a pillow under my legs too. It takes some ingenuity to think up ways to make life easier.
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Default Re: Sore bottom

Thanks for all the input. She has 2 different kind of cushions but they just aren't working. She has a highback wheelchair but not a powerwheel chair. Her hands and arms are of no use to her. I don't know why the insurance got her this chair other then she needed it for the support of her head. She won't sit in it other then to go outside or go away. I have suggested many things but none have been acted on. I showed her the ROHO cushions and she just shakes her head. Like to say OK now what. Thanks Josie
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Default Re: Sore bottom

We used to use the Roho cushions and they were great. One point, if you use the ROHO make sure they are inflated to the correct level. If overinflated they are too hard and uncomfortable. We had the OT set to the right level and it was much more comfortable.

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