MSG Glutamate Toxins

There has been much information available through many online public message boards, forums and chat groups about “detoxification” and eliminating toxins from the body.

While always a good idea to eat right, the message of the MSG and glutamate misinformation has been designed to mislead ALS and/or MND sufferers to thinking that detoxification will benefit health and can/will reverse the symptoms of ALS and MND.

The companies that push this 'toxin-free' diet and related products are doing so to sell supplements, books, and other materials or therapies for profit.

Despite the lack of evidence to suggest that these supplements and diet will reverse or help alleviate the effects of ALS, these individuals continue to push this information on the Internet - this information is made available to increase sales by misleading individuals such as yourself. Shame on them!

A well known and respected organisation (MDAUSA.ORG) educated the public about glutumate and MSG back in 1997, saying "dietary glutamate isn't toxic to motor neurons. I tell my patients not to worry about it at all.".

However, the “Truth in Labelling” company and others continue to overwhelm the Internet with false claims, and unfortunately, the Internet is a public entity; as such, the information for why you should detoxify greatly outweighs the information that is available saying that there's very little point to it. To understand why the misinformation outweighs the availibility of truthful information please read the next section.


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No mention of the study on Fibro patients where they got better from not eating MSG? Typical Neuro. Never treats or proves anything and just watches people die.