Mannatech Scam

How they sell

  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Further reading about the Mannetech scam: read this

The Proven Science

  • None!
  • Usually purchased on recommendation
  • Testimonial based (who provides the testimonials really?)

People that support Mannatech

  • entrepreneurs

What do mannatech supplements help?

According to the website and materials available; everything!
These supplements can help you live a long and health life regardless of what you are suffering from, need an example?

Are Glyconutrients really a Down Syndrome Treatment? No, read this.

That's right, people have pushed (sold) glyconutrients to people so they can help fix/cure/help a genetic disorder; if you might buy it, they'll push sell it.

Reasons to be Cautious

Fraudulent activity:

A list of questionable salesmen and studies

Australian Physician Disciplined for Misrepresenting Mannatech Products to Patients On September 8, 2000, the registration of Dr. Ian Geoffrey Raddatz was cancelled for two years for "unsatisfactory conduct." The decision was based on complaints that he had made unsubstantiated claims to patients that Mannatech products were effective against cancer, infertility, and hemochromatosis (iron-overload disease), and other health preoblems. The Tribunal's report is reproduced here in full. Dr. Radditz continues to promote and sell Mannatech products. -

Mannatech Inc. is promoting its nutritional supplements with a study it says was partially funded by a U.S. government agency and conducted under the auspices of a California medical school. Yet the National Institutes of Health, the federal agency the study cites, denies it sponsored the research. And school officials said they've been unable to find evidence the study, published in February, was ever performed.

Quotes from customer and concerned citizens

An Auckland man, who declined to be named, contacted the Herald about his concerns that a family member was wasting hundreds of dollars a month on Mannatech products for his mother, who is dying of cancer.​