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Hey ScaredCyclist. I’ve read your posts and couldn’t help but notice we have had some similar EMG patterns. How many EMGs have you had? I’ve had four over the late year. First two were totally 100% normal. The third, showed some old denervation and the fourth, done six weeks ago is now showing some active denervation.
Hi, had one in May on all 4 limbs - totally clean. Had one in July by a neuromuscular doc who stuck needle into left calf, left quad and right tricep. Don't have results, but he said I was clean. Then I had the one I posted in early Sept and most recently I had the one by non-neurologist physiatrist last week who saw "denervation" in left quad. Last one has me worried. What's your history? What are you thinking?
Hey Waker,

Please update us when you figure this out. My symptoms are somewhat similar to yours.
And your neuro brushed off fasciculations, tremors, stiffness and pain?
His attitude was like if it's ALS we can't do anything so let's wait and see.
He could at least do the EMG...
Shoot me your email and I will fill you in on details about VDC. I just don't want to put it out there. (email removed, sent via pm)
Keep us updated our symptoms are similar!
Ok I have to go back October 16th for another emg hoping everything is normal