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Hi there,

Soo sorry to trouble, I have a very similar looking EMG, and have read your story.

I really hope that the medications has worked and you have had positive response.

I have a few appointments coming up and it would be great to hear if u are doing better?

If Soo I might be able to give them another possibility to look at.

Many thanks
I have been told a clean emg in the lower body eliminates als as a cause if ur symtoms. Further to this bulbar onset is rare in a disease which initself is rare . This along with a clean emg one would have to be pretty darn unlucky to have als. I have tinnitis in my ear as well so im also following up withthe tmj syndrome path
Thanks for the info. Yes I’ve been twitching and dealing with this stuff for 5 months now. I may see a speech therapist just to make certain that things are normal there.
I also had a clean emg done on every limb ! I couldnt belive it came out squeeqy clean. Not sure where to go from here either for myself. I have seen 3 neurologists all who tell me its in my head !
I read ur post about als concerns and jaw issues. I have the same problem . Body wide twitching and i cant talk or eat anymore . My jaw just feels so fatigued ! And so does my tongue . Infact i have weakness im half my body pretty much .
We are really dependent and in need of Tobii and its communicator 5 for it is our only means of communication I would not know where we would be or if he would still be willing to keep fighting without it. Since my husbands ALS is advanced my monthly expenses are high and he does not receive any government help, we rely on savings. I can offer at the moment 400 dlls. Hoping you'll consider us.
I am really in need. Please let me know your thoughts.
Good morning, yesterday you answered my Post about my doubts in relation to chronic denervation in an emg in a muscle but I don't know how to answer the thread because it doesn't give me the option to answer, how could I do it? Would it be possible for me to send you my emg so that you could see it and comment on it? Thank you very much

Hello ... just wonderinf if you have found any thing further on your issues ? Im having the same problem . Right side tremors and weakness in leg and arm . Full body twitching and normal emg . Im starting to wonder how acurate the emg is !
Hello! Thanks for checking in. So far my symptoms are kind of leveling off, no improvement nor progression (though I find swallowing becoming more weird, there is a loud click sound when I swallow and my voice is hoarse sometimes as well. Also feeling like out of breath when laying down). I still have no idea what is happening to me, but it is definitely not normal.
I feel like there is something definitely up, and because of all my clean tests, I basically can't do anything until after weeks or months... Anyway I started taking all kinds of supplements a week ago just in case, every Vitamin there is, calcium, magnesium, CoQ10, Curcumin, Acetyl L Carnitine and Prednisone (steroid). Also looking at resveratrol and L-serine.
The below references are in response to the Sticky on PLS in the Medicare and other benefits section.
Often a veteran has the appeal to the BVA. Tht is what I had to do. It has been 3 years.
I have put some info on that here PLS and the VA. Hope you get it resolved soon.
Hi there. are you happy with tx neurology? which Dr do you see we are considering relocating back to Tx. Thanks!
Thanks for your encouragement. Just to be okay is all I'm looking for. Tragic events have been to relevant as of late. I hate that we have so much in common but at the same time it's nice to know we're not alone. I hope you are doing well.
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It will be ok. Every moment from here on out is important and treasured. Be your own best friend. Stay in touch.
Hi there,

Would be great to hear if you have found a solution to your thenar muscles. I'm in the same situation. Still with no solid anawers
Hello, I am 21m and have very similar symptoms like yours... My right side body is really weak and would shake when holding some of the lightest items... My throat feels off like the back of my tongue is tensed and tired, swallowing gradually becomes more difficult... It has been 1.5 month since my symptoms and feel like my life is on the edge of collapsing... How are you doing now?