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Roger Sanders

Feb 28, 2008
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Johnson City
For muscle cramps and spasms I have been taking zanaflex for the past 2 years. My dosage is 6mg three times per day. Even after 2 years this medication still makes me
very sleepy. I also take hydrocodone 7.5 three times per day. The zanaflex works very well except for the sleepy side affect. My neurologist is going to try wheening me off zanaflex and on to baclofen to try. My question is if anyone out there has taken both zanaflex and baclofen and if there is a difference between the two? I was told this may make me less drowsy and still work the same. Thanks.
Zanaflex makes me like rubber .Im off of it . Baclofen almost stopped my breathing all together (relaxed my Diaphram ) I take nothing . These are Muscle relaxers . If you need some spasticity to maintain balance then do not take them . They are not specifically for Cramps ,you can do the Cramps Cocktail for alot less money for Cramps . Geo
I am currently taking 20 Mg Baclofen 3 times a day and 4 Mg Zanaflex, 2 times a day. I worked up to this dose over a period of weeks and the spasms and charlie horses eased off gradually. I was having extreme spasms and pain from the cramps to the point I was not getting very much sleep at all. This has allowed me to at least get a reasonable amount of sleep. I think it took a matter of almost a month before I felt the full effects of the Baclofen. I do not know if others have experienced this or not?

I do not have a problem with the sleepy side effects. I guess everyone is different. The Zanaflex alone could not control my spasms, nor the Baclofen alone, it took both of them for me. Now I am maybe having 10 or 20 spasms all day where I was having them constantly. I mean like thousands, literally a day.

I guess it just depends on how severe and often the spasms or facilitations are for you. I hope this helps.
I take a prescription quinine for cramps. Could not live without it! My doctor says I could drink tonic water but would need to do so by the gallon for it to work.
Hey Guys,
I am like you Al, I can take zanaflex and bacolfen and not get sleepy. I need both together to cure my spasms, I litterally get thousands a day like you. I agree that bacolfen takes a while to get into your system, zanaflex is a quick in and out medicine. I take 2mg of zanaflex 3 times a day, and 20mg of baclofen once a day. Quinne(SP), my doctor never gave me that, I really could probably benefit from that one also. Have you tried zanaflex Cindy? maybe that would give you some relief also.. Hoping
I forgot to mention that when the spasms were their worse I took Quinine 2 times a day. I kept that up until the spasms got somewhat under control. The Quinine seemed to help a lot. The spasms finally eased off when my muscles in my legs had atrophied quite a bit and the nerves quit working the muscles. I can barley move my toes on my left foot about an inch now, and cannot move my legs.
I understand some place require a prescription for the Quinine but here we can buy it over the counter. Just do not know what the strength is of the over the counter stuff. I had my Doctor write a Rx for some for about 3 months when the spasms were the worst.
I hope you find a combination that will give you some relief.
My quinine is sold under the name of Qualaquin. I take 2 capsules daily- @ 324mg each. The doc said I could take twice that amount but I find this dosage works fine for me. It has made a big difference in the cramps and once again I am able to drive. I was about to give up driving as the cramps interfered with my ability to use the gas and brake pedals. SO I am very happy with this solution!

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, I really appreaciate it. Information and suggestions are always welcomed by me. It is good to learn what eveyone else takes and how it affects them. I started baclofen yesterday and so now I am taking both zanaflex and baclofen. I will also try the cramps cocktail Geo, thank you. If these do not work I will try the Quinine, Cindy. Thanks.
Your Welcome Roger ,Its Hell to Feel alone ,this makes it at least feel better that your not alone in your struggle . to have a better life . Geo
Geo, you are always someone who makes me remember I am not alone, I really feel like the friendship I have with you guys, makes a real difference for all of us..
Hoping, you said it for us all. Amen
i take 32mg of tizanidine (generic zanaflex) daily (8mg a day 4X a day). it's maximum dosage and if my spasticity gets worse my neuro said she would ADD balcofen to the mix. i don't notice it all of the time and it depends on how i'm feeling in general, but sometimes it makes me sleepy and other times i don't feel it so much. i have to take it though because the spasticity in my legs is so painful.
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