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Feb 16, 2007
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45 year old male. Some back ground:

1. For the past three years (or so) I have remembered a pain or stiffness in my right shoulder. I play / played a lot of baseball over the years, and currently play catch every few days with my 14 year old, so the sore shoulder has never been a concern.

2. Approx 10 years ago I had the EMG (I believe) tests on my two wrists as both showed signs of carpel tunnel. The right wrist was repaired and has been symptom free since repair.

3. The left hand has been showing progressivly worsening carpel tunnel symptoms for the past several years, so much so I have been considering re visiting the hand surgeon.

4. At Christmas time, i took a bad fall down a flight of stairs. Slipped in some beach sandals, fell backwards and both of my arme caught my fall. Essentielly I messed up both shoulders bad. No doctor visit, just living with the soreness.

Now the issue:

About two weeks ago, I began experiencing a soreness and pain on the inside of the index finger on my right hand. The soreness/pain went up to and into the palm area, and has since subsided a little, but now I have different symptoms. At night my hand "tightens up" and stiffens up. I can usually get it loosened up in a hurry when I wake up at night, but it remains slightly sore/stiff throughout the day. When I close my hand into a fist, the pain and soreness inside my index finger moves over a little to my middle finger and to the area where the thumb attaches to my palm.

Can you please share your thoughts? My guess is the fall, shoulder issue etc, but I just don't know. Reading all of the ALS sites has only caused me some serious anxiety.

Again, the hand issue came up about 4 weeks after the fall or approx 2-3 weeks ago. The left hand still has the carpel tunnel symptoms, and does not have the same issues the right hand has.

One final thing....THANK YOU.
Hi dglts. Welcome to the forum. Just off the top of my head and I'm no doctor but I'd be getting your neck and back looked at. My wife sat down in a lounge chair in 1986 and half an hour later couldn't get up. The ortho who did her surgery later told her that a ruptured or (slipped) disc could take a few weeks to start pressing on the nerves or could start in a matter of minutes depending on the mechanism of injury. I injured my shoulder once and they thought it was a torn rotator cuff and after seeing a second Ortho guy he did a cortisone shot and it's been fine for 5 years. I had pain at night in the wrist and elbow and couldn't figure out why they thought it was my shoulder but it was.
I wouldn't think it's ALS just yet.
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