Your Life Isn't Over

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Jan 21, 2008
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With ALS, or any terminal disease, there is a great tendency to feel that our lives are over. However, when you compare the average lifespan on earth to eternity, you begin to realize that the time we spend on earth (even if you live to 100) is less than a raindrop in proportion to all the oceans.

God has prepared a place for each of us at his table. This place setting is so rich in love and endless happiness, that His son paid with His life to enable us to experience it. This is pretty amazing evidence that what God has in store for each of us is so incredible that we cannot comprehend the joy.

Therfore, don't fix your eyes on the end of this life. Gaze upon the endless happiness that awaits you in communion with God. The purpose for our lives on earth is to take up our cross and follow the example of Jesus. The reward is infinately worth our struggle.

Tomorrow morning, when you wake up; say good morning to Jesus and thank Him for His sacrifice. Then, offer your struggle with ALS to him as your desire to help him carry the cross. Jesus answers every prayer and wants to have a conversation with you. If you don't believe in Jesus, try it anyway for a month. You might be surprised what happens.
How inspiring, your message brought tears to my eyes. It is with those kind of thoughts that this reality is bearable. Thank you so much Scott, you seem like a kind and gentle soul.
Scott - while I think that is noble and beautifully written, I wanted to offer another perspective as a mother with very young kids. I don't fear my own mortality, nor do I focus on the end of my own life. I focus ONLY on the life of my children and what my suffering and illness means to them. I do not understand, and perhaps never will (despite my being a Christian) that there is any good can come from the suffering of little children. And suffer they do when their parents are terminally ill. I can find no comfort in the pain of my children. Perhaps you can reframe it for me somehow because thus far, I am at a loss with this one. :-(
Scott - thanks for the reminder.

And to Mamaoftwo - I too feel such a depth of loss for my sweet grandson and sons. All I can do is have faith in Christ that He will take care of them when I cannot.

Hi Mommaoftwo,

You are absolutely right to say there is no comfort to be found in the pain of our children. I'm sure Mary, our Blessed Mother, found no comfort in seeing her son beaten (almost beyond recognition) and then crucified. In fact, we know that she experienced excruciating pain. We can take comfort in knowing that eternal communion with God is the reward for the pain of the cross.

We know that the path to heaven goes through Jesus and the path to Jesus leads to the cross. Your illness is not only a cross for you to bear, but unavoidably one that your children must carry too. The way you face having to carry this burden is an up-close example for your children to follow. It is most definitely a difficult challenge. But, don't forget that Jesus knows your struggle and will provide strength to help you along. Keep talking to him. Even if it's for 10 second spurts throughout the day. He's listening any time you need him.
Hi Hopingforcure,

I'm very glad you found the writing inspirational. I wish you the best and hope your relationship with Jesus intensifies every day. Keep taking with him.
For now we see in the mirror dimly, but then, face to face now I know in part, but then i shall know fully just as I also have been known. But NOW abide faith, hope, love and the greatest of these is love. 1Cor 13:12
We have not idea how the whole picture will look until we get to the otherside. God will show us his whole plan and how our lives fit into the grand plan. I love this scripture...if only I could really hold on to it daily. I pray i can. I pray this for all of you too..suffering lasts only for a season, but joy cometh in the morning!
Thank you Scott for your post,
I guess I needed to read this as I , too am having a hard time with my DX. I am trying so hard to be strong for my family, but sometimes I cry for two or three hours at a time, all the while asking Jesus, and God to please ease my suffering and that of my poor children. My five children have not had an easy life, losing their dad when they were all under age eight, having a mom who was never home having to work day and night to support them. My youngest daughter has had horrible depression for years and has two handicapped children. One of my sons is ill with liver disease and is raising two children alone. They have always told me if anything ever happened to me they would not be able to go on. Also, I am only married to my new husband for a few years. Now, this is what I do believe....I believe that after living single for 37 years, that God sent me the most caring and wonderful angel of a husband so that I would not have to be alone now , at this time. I have been wondering if my husband is truly an angel on Earth. Also, I believe that my children and grandchildren have been adjusting slowly to my condition and to what is to come. Maybe this is God's way of helping them to prepare to lose me here on Earth. God has a plan. I still cry out at night, tho. I feel that I am not done here on Earth, but I have given it over to God. My granddaughter has recently joined a church youth group and has found Jesus. Praise God! I wish I could find solace in God tho, and I pray for that. I wonder what the key is, as I haven't felt it yet. I keep trying.
Even though that there are moments when it really hits me hard, I continue to have this amazing gut feeling that God is working through this. I have felt for over a year that God has something amazing in store for me, somewhere right around the corner. Mind you, I didn't think it involved being diagnosed with ALS. But I still feel confident that he has a plan for all this, even though I don't know all the details. He has proven Himself trustworthy to me in the past, so I have chosen to trust him about this too.
i used to go to church every sunday, volunteer in the youth group, my son was an alter boy, uher, n lecter. then we had to experience divorce n als. my son now thinks God is not on our side. he is angry at the whole world. my exhusband the real sinner is as happy as can be. i ask why

I'm interpreting your comment regarding not being able to find solace in God as meaning you feel kind of alone or that you can't feel him being close. This is not uncommon as even Mother Theresa admitted feeling a void during times in her life. She was harshley criticized for admitting this! (Undeserved) However, she did not lose faith. She did not say she lost faith. She simply admitted to a very human feeling.

Another example of this, from the Gospel of Luke, is in the story of the two travellers on the road to Emmaus. They are walking home on the evening of the resurrection when Jesus appeared to them as just another traveller. They did not recognize him as Jesus. They talk as they walk along, mostly about what happened in Jerusalem on Friday night. The seem down, dejected, sad and speak of Jesus in the past tense. "He was... , He used to say... , etc. The irony here is that Jesus was right beside them and they didn't know it! He wasn't dead. He wasn't gone. He was fully alive. Jesus is also beside you and me right now. Don't give up. Keep trying and you will find him. Also ask His and our mother, Mary to help you. She will always bring your concerns to Jesus.

One day, I hope we all hear this said to us in our meeting with God:

Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much; enter into the joy of your master.
Matt 25:21-23
I don't believe we are given anything we can't handle in this life. Challenges are opportunities for growth. The bigger the challenge the bigger the opportunity.

After I completed the grieving portion of my diagnosis, I too felt like I had more work to do here. I have been living the most amazing life ever since. Don't give up on your faith. You are under the very circumstances for which God is most powerful. Search for your path to personal fortitude and growth. Be an example to those around you. :-D

Mamaoftwo and others,
Yes, Jesus loves you. Speak to Him, ask for strength, but don't forget about today.
Remember the old joke of a guy sitting on his roof during a flood.
Two guys float by in a dingy to pick him up and he refuses, saying God will save me.
Another boat comes by, he refuses again 'God will save me'.
A helicopter flies over to pick him up, he refuses again.
He drowns and is transported to heaven.
Once there, he questions God; 'Why was I forsaken ?'
God tells him; " What more do you want, I sent you two boats and a helicopter"

So, tomorrow will take care of itself. Focus on today. Do everything that brings joy and memories to you and your kids today. Tommorrow might be too late.

Your family and friends are your boats and helicopters.

God bless everyone.

Scott - this is very well written.
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