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May 25, 2004
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Due to some changes in software your location is missing from under your name on the forums. To see someone's hometown or any other information they have chosen to share just click on their name in the left side of their post.
Hi Al

Hello, How are things in Canada? I noticed the location of our PALS was gone. It is a big help to know where people are from. Hope we can get that back. I listed my State but, doesn't come up on the profile. My Best to you, Beebe
Hi Al (and David) -

I agree - it is really helpful to know where someone is from - and it can be too much to go through a bunch of levels on the internet. Some of our PALS have a hard enough time navigating the computer.

Can we bring that feature back!? Beth
I understand we've gotten new software but I have to agree with Beth. My hands are in pretty rough shape, so I like to keep the mouse clicking to a minimum. And I don't find my voice recognition software particularly "agile" when it comes to maneuvering around forums.

It should be fairly simple to get the Location back on the thread. If you go under the Style Manager in the AdminCP and edit the postbit or postbit_legacy template to add the following:

<if condition="$post['field2']"><div class="smallfont">$post[field2]</div></if>

That should be added after the rank info I think was where it was before. Let me know if I can help.
I'd like to add my voice to those asking that the locations be restored without having to avail of checking out a member's profile. That doesn't work for me now anyway nor does it for another member who checked it out on a member who we knew had their location recorded. Locations are often vital for appropriately responding to queries. I'd go farther and make location listing, at least to the province or state level, a requirement of membership.

It doesn't work for me. Does it really work? If so what am I doing wrong. Please help. Peg

it is still not working for me either. I decided to put my location in my signature. Guess whoever wanted to could also do that, but you have to go into your profile and add it to your signature.
new software

I wish you could return location up front also.

Is the new software why I have to relog in every 30 min. or so? It's very irritating since I'm catching up on months of posts. I'llnotice that the message about members & guests list 0 members, 1 guest--that tells me something has changed
Sorry Kath. That should not be happening either.
Well it looks like we got the location fixed. If you are idle for a while it logs you out. Guess I'll put that on the fix list.
David has increased the time before you get logged out for inactivity to 1 hour. That should help.
I went back to edit my file and re-entered my location but it still doesn't show with my posts or when I view my profile. The new line for date of diagnosis does show on my profile.
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