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Feb 9, 2005

my father was diagnose with als in october 2003. the disease has moved quickly in that time. he has lost all use of his arms and legs, and we have a net to get him into bed. he is in the palliative care stage, and trouble breathing should be the next step. being 20 i’m at carleton u. anyone else dealing with this unforgiving disease, while at university?

Hi jon---
mom was diagnosed 7-03. i {as a 33y/o-single again-motHer of 3 boys} returned to tHe university 8-03. i struggled for 3 semesters before taking tHis last one off.
academics will always be tHere, mom or dad witH als won't. spend as mucH time as you can witH your family. macroeconomics can wait.
Hi jon:
my wife developed als wHen my eldest daugHter was in first year at queens. tHere were still tHree of us at Home to take care of Her but i know tHat my daugHter felt tHe pressure of not being Here to Help. i can't say wHetHer or not it was wise of Her to be witH us or not. tHe times tHat sHe was Home witH Her mom were all tHe more special and sHe made eacH one count... but sHe contuinued witH Her education.
if your dad Has lots of Help, and you decide to stay at caleton your best work will Help your dad almost as mucH as being tHere witH Him. ask Him you may be surprised by wHt you Hear!


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