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Oct 12, 2007
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Hi guys,
Just wondering if there are any young ALSers (20's) using the forum. I know there are people in their 20's here that think they may have ALS because they twitch, but are there any actual diagnosed young people... Just want to know whether I'm all alone in this. Thanks...
Omar is only 28 I believe. And there are others. You are not alone.
Meggers posted with familial at 25
My son is DXed. He's 18. He doesn't use the forum though.

is really is that common in young people?
I don't think it is that it is more common but more young people have computers now than say 10 or 15 years ago. I don't have any hard statistics for this, it's just an observation. We have quite a few young people here who THINK they have ALS but probably less than a dozen out of a few thousand members that actually have a diagnosis.

i am in calagary and he is tops in his field the youngest patient and only one that young was 19 so it i svery rare to see cases definitly under thirty
hi boyfriend Steve is 30 now, but was diagnosed in 2004 when he was 24. It is very a very difficult diagnosis at his age. We have an amazing support system and Steve has LOTS of ideas, so if anyone needs any help or ideas on how to work with certain things, please do not hesitate to ask.
Scarlett is only 16
A 16 year old girl was diagnosed with ALS in my city. It had a very, very aggressive start.
I saw a a local news segment on Youtube, which featured a 16 year old with ALS. I don't remember what TV station or city, but can research it again if necessary.

It was probably the 16 year old from Springfield, MO. There is a you tube blurb on her from one of the local T.V. stations. I've never seen nor heard of ALS taking someone down so fast as it did this girl.
Just turned 30 been dealing with this for a few years. Just got back from als clinic in seattle today and its spread to both hands but my breathing went from 95% to 97%. And retierd from bnsf this week also. So there are young people dealing with this
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