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May 17, 2007
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I received this E-Mail today for Advocacy Update. Our own Jeff Faull is going to testify
before the House Veterans Affairs Committee!

I am proud of you Jeff. I know how hard you have worked on this! I support the Roll Call for Veterans! From: Lorie

ALS Association Advocacy Update

VA Issue Team Vice-Chair Scheduled to Testify to Congress
Call to Action for All Veterans with ALS

Dear Lorie,

We are excited to announce that Jeff Faull, a veteran with ALS from our Greater Philadelphia Chapter and the Vice-Chair of The ALS Association's VA Issue Team, is scheduled to testify before the House Veterans Affairs Committee as it examines the recently introduced HR 5454 and other legislation at a June 12, Capitol Hill hearing. The Association has worked closely with the Committee as it prepares for the hearing and we are pleased that they have responded to our outreach by inviting Jeff to testify.

The ALS Association is leading the effort to pass HR 5454, which would establish ALS as a service connected disease, helping to ensure that veterans with ALS have access to health and disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. The bill was a top priority during our meetings with Members of Congress at National ALS Advocacy Day in May and we have worked closely with two of The Association's strongest supporters in Congress, Reps. Henry Brown (R-SC) and David Price (D-NC), as they introduced this bill earlier this year.

As a Navy veteran who served between 1992-2000, a husband, and father of two young daughters, Jeff brings an essential perspective to the hearing and can demonstrate first hand why HR 5454 is so urgently needed and why much more must be done to support veterans with ALS.

However, we need your help! We want to let the Committee know that there are thousands of other veterans just like Jeff who each day continue to fight for their benefits while they fight this disease.

Therefore, if you are a veteran with ALS, please go to our website and join our Roll Call of Veterans.

We will add your name, branch of service and hometown to the Roll Call and deliver it to the Committee at the hearing. Our goal is to identify as many veterans with ALS as possible and show the Committee the true magnitude of this disease, its impact on veterans and families, and the risk faced by those serving in the military today.

It is absolutely critical that Congress understands that this disease continues to strike our heroes from across the country and that Congress must act to ensure that veterans with ALS receive the benefits they deserve and have earned.

So reach out and be counted! Join the Roll Call of Veterans today!

If you've already signed-up, please enter your name and email address on the website and check your profile to make sure you're listed as a military veteran. And forward this Alert to every veteran you know. We want to make sure every veteran counts!

If you have any questions or would like assistance joining the Roll Call of Veterans, please contact us at [email protected] or toll-free at 1-877-444-ALSA.

So thankful, that you are the voice for people battling ALS. ALways felt you had the "fight" attitude needed to make a difference. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Fondly K and A
I grew up in the military and cannot imagine my father going thru what my husband is.

My father is still living and who knows he could still be the nth number to get ALS.

Thanks JEFF!
Thanks for the support. I'm hoping this will urge the VA into taking action on their own. Either way if the VA and DoD are forced to recognize their influence in ALS you can guarantee there will be more money pouring into the ALS research engine. So please any vets or family of vets please sign up with the ALS Association. The links can be found under the PALS forum.
Fighting for VETS? I'm with you...

My brother has had ALS for 20 years. He served 6 years in the Airforce in the late 1980's. It was only recent that we won veterans benefits for him after being sick for so many years. We've been able to build him a handicapp accessible home and now have the financial means to ensure that he can be taken care of long after my parents pass, who have cared for him from Day one! and have sacrificed so much. This "paycheck" in some strange sense has given my brother a sense of dignity, purpose and as far as independence can take his thoughts and spirit.

God is with you with a strength beyond muscular. Don't give up and please keep posting the results of your progress.
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