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Mar 3, 2006
Well mil has passed away thursday November 23 after her tough struggle with ALS. Sil, mil and I have been visiting this site getting information to help us all deal with this horrible disease.
I want to thank all of you for all your help...this forum is a wonderful thing....
Mil was diagnosed with Bulbar als just last November although symptoms occured a year earlier.
Dh and I bought a house the was accesable for her in the spring but she only got to live with us a few weeks before she became 24hr care...something that we could not much as it pained us we had to move her into a nursing home. Sil would travel every week to be with her for 2-3 days over the weekend while dh and I were here for her during the week. Our three children (6, 4 and 2) loved there granny and the oldest is finding her own ways to deal with her grief.
My husband his sister and I were lucky enough to be with her in her final hours comforting her. She died peacefully with us around her. We are convinced that she waiting until sil could get there before she let go...
Again, thank you for having this site and helping much more people then you actually uncle of mine was diagnosed last year also and i told all his family about this forum and anyone else who needs it..
I still find myself reading the posts...maybe i can help someone else...

for ac
Hi Jodie. I am so sorry about your mother in law. I see from your number of posts that you didn't ask a lot of questions. I hope that after a suitable time of grieving you will come back and offer advice to others that are in the same boat as you have been. It helps to get advice from someone that has been there.. Once again sincere condolences from the forum staff. AL.
you're right Al, it seemed I rarely had to ask questions. All the questions we would have i could easily find answers to since someone else went through the same thing.
Again I am grateful to you all.
In mils memory we had asked the donations be to the ALS society and we could not believe the generousity of people. Mil also wanted all her equipment donated to our local loan closet.

Thanks Jodie I am sure the Society appreciates it and some person that is in need of equipment will be glad to have it. As an aside I would just like to let you know that I am waiting on a walker from the Society this week. The programs do work. AL.
I'm so glad the program is available and is working for you didn't want a walker or cane but found when she got the walker it was so much easier. She even bought herself a portable feeding pump and put it in the basket on the was her supply cabinet on wheels.
I have a wonderful picture of my youngest daughter (2yrs) helping granny walk down our hallway hanging on to the side of the walker. They would do 'laps' together when she got restless legs or spasms

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