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May 23, 2007
Oh Im so happy. After almost 3 weeks of not eating and barely Drinking enough water to take his meds my FIL woke up yesterday morning and asked for a sandwich from Jimmy Johns. We were all running to our cars to get it for him too. He said it was so Good but it gave him the hiccups really bad and made him have trouble breathing so we are taking it one step at a time now. We told him softer foods from now on.. :) but im so glad he is atleast eating something now..

Which brings me to a ?... With ALS when it starts to affect ur tougne and everything does people find it hard to breathe and hiccup alot. My FIL hiccups all the time and hes getting to the point that he hiccups so much its hard for him to breathe. Also do any of u get really cold. My Fil says hes cold all the time.
Hi, Short for father-in-law. My Best to you, Beebe
pardon my ignorance... I thought FIL was another spelling of PHIL and I thought you affectionately referred to him as "my FIL".... oh my... (note to self... lay off the wine for a while) Hiccups are a spasm.. we get them for varying reasons... from an empty, hungry stomach to a full, uncomfy stomach. I'm glad to hear he is eating again.
Im sorry. I put FIL for My father in law.. :) and thank u guys. His speech started going bout 3 months ago and now its to the point his slurs words and can barely talk to us.
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