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Sep 5, 2007
I would have one question that my neuros werent able to answer. I know people with BFs usually trigger twitching by yawning and sneezing - its the same with ALS? When I sneeze or yawn I get a few twitches in my neck / face / ribs.

I dont believe EMG much, however they do nerve conduction test, needles in my arm/leg and test for weakness on my neck-shoulder (dont know whats the name of this part in english).

But I feel almost always pain in the my chewing muscles when eating, not much buts still the same :( Neuro told me something about different problem but I dont feel she is much interested in my case - we are small country and have 22 boy with ALS..probably she dosnt think its possible
Blizna - You are so good with information about twitching. I really understand what your doc says by your explanations. I wanted to tell you that my jaw weakness and pain has subsided now that I am on my third month of Prednisone. No one else on this forum complained of the jaw problems that you and I have experienced. I really, really think you should get a muscle biopsy or at least ask for a trial of Prednisone. As far as the yawning, I experience this on the days that I feel short of breath, but haven't noticed twitching associated with it.
I have BFS and I also have lots of problems with my jaw (which predated BFS). I have jaw soreness and sometimes get tired while chewing. I went to a doctor once who told me I had TMJ and tried to schedule jaw surgery. I told him "no thanks" and have just lived with it.

As for the other, I have no idea whether you can trigger ALS twitches through yawning. I was kind of under the impression that ALS twitches were more consistent and didn't need triggering.
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