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Mar 25, 2007
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I just woke up this morning and have such a pain in my left wrist where i cant bend my hand up. My fingers all work fine but its just my wrist that really really hurts. Is this another symptom of als I am showing now?


Tom R
Although they say pain is not part of this disease- I have read many replies that people feel pain. This is usually associated with the feeling of a strain or sprain and is ongoing. See if it clears up in a day or 2. I know of a personal friend that started out with ankle pain and joint pain before they finally diagnosised ALS. Have you been diagnosed?

self diagnosed!

I know I have this, but I try to stay positive.

Frozen shoulder that came and went. Extreme fatigue that has come and left. Ongoing pain weakness in right leg which is better now than it has been in 4 months but not gone. Hands and fingers bother me off and on but mainly on. Have had the muscles burn with light usage but that has gotten better. Shoulders feel like they are atrophied, wife says no. I have no way of knowing as my hockey baseball playing days were over due to work and then this popped up. Not sure if I am just fat and wobbly due to als or no exercise. Now my left wrist feels like I sprained it. I am sure this time next year I wont be able to talk or barely move and that will be right around the time I may finally get diagnosed.
The good news is that your symptoms have improved at times-- That is not a sign of ALS-- If you have not been diagnosed-- That is more good news-- Have you been to a certified neurologist? and what have they said? There are so many other things out there that if they didn't even give yu a possible sign-- try to enjoy the day... That is where I am at right now-- It just plays mind games with you and they symptoms get worse-- My wife thinks I am a hypocondriac too. I am plagued with twitching and cramps and they just say BFS. It is a horrible limbo. Look for an ALS specialist that is a certified center. This is your best point of help to seek professional testing.

Do any of you suffer from pain in the wrists when you use them to lift yourself up? I know that this is due to my wrist atrophy. As one poster explained it in a previous thread, the physiotherapist had informed him that as muscles atrophy other muscles come to the support of the weakened muscle and thus creates more stress and strain on the remaining working muscles. This leads to soreness and pain, which is what I have. I have the same pain on the thumb of my left hand due to similar reasons.
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