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Oct 5, 2008
Wright, Thank you so much for replying to my PM. I am going to keep myself as busy as possible between now and Monday. If my body tires, I'll just keep my mind busy.

I am also NOT going to call my neuro between now and then about any of the tests. I am just going to be a patient patient :). ha.ha.ha. I am at this weird place where I almost do not want to know anything more, even a diagnosis but I know I need to. Where is some sand I can bury my head in?

The questions of the day are:

Why would my "protein" level be low? This is not my creatine level, I don't know the results of that one yet but my neuro did order one.

What would cause my bones to pop constantly? I sound like popcorn all day. It's mainly my neck, shoulders, legs and feet.

I have awakened with migraines twice in the last two weeks. I have nausea, intolerance for motion and light and severe pain with those.

And, last but not least, I have awakened to "sleeping" hands more often than not as well. I have dreams that one or both of my hands are huge and hurt and I wake up and they are just "asleep".

Just wondering if any of these sound familiar to anyone who does or does not have a diagnosis of ALS OR ANYTHING ELSE.

The worst is the weakness in my legs.
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