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Feb 13, 2016
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Hi everyone i just wanted to give a little update but had to start a new thread as my old one is closed and i dont know how to open it. The symptoms i had before being referred to a neurologist were stiffness fascicuslations, very brisk knee reflex and sustained clonus all in the left leg. Ive had those symptoms well over a year. I now have new symptoms that started a month ago which is very tight and stiff muscles and fascisculations in my left arm i am now even more worried this is als as it has now moved to another limb. I still have no weakness at the moment although my left leg and arm do feel heavy and tire easily. The fasciculations are constant non stop. I had an mri on my spine which was clear and i am still waiting on an emg which is taking forever. Id appreciate anyones thoughts on what could be going on with me. Thank you for reading my post, sorry its so long x
The slow progression you describe, even if an MND, would be more typical of PLS than ALS. But there are many other possibilities, including nothing worrisome at all. So I think our best advice is to continue through the diagnostic process and meanwhile look to address symptoms with heat, massage, exercise that elongates the muscles (ballet, Tai Chi, etc.) and walking somewhere nice!

Hi Laurie thanks for the reply! Pls crossed my mind but didnt think was possible beacause i was told fasciculations were not a symptom. I do lots of walking, i work on the railway and walk a few miles a day down the track lol lovely scenery. Have a nice day!
Is there not anyone else that might have an idea of what could be going on?
Hi. I know it is hard to wait when you were told by the neurologist that it spoeared neurological. Without EMG results though it is hard for us to guess.

I understand very well NHS issues but I am somewhat surprised that the neurologist has not fast tracked your EMG. You might think of that as encouraging as I know other UK members had their EMGs done quite quickly because the suspicion of ALS/ MND was so strong

Saying the problem is likely neurological is very broad so maybe your doctor's thoughts are trending elsewhere. What are you being told about the EMG? I believe it was ordered in February?
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