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Sep 28, 2018
Learn about ALS
Hello everyone,

I decided to post here after days of anxiety and depression. I am a 24 year old female. My symptoms started 2 and 1/2 weeks ago when both of my hands cramped. They kept cramping no matter what I did. I then felt sudden weakness. I went to the emergency where they told me to go see my family doctor. I should mention at this time I was switched from adderall to vyvanse adhd medication.

Two days later I began to have twitches all over my body. At the doctors office they did all the tests and said everything seems fine but that i should see a neurologist. My electrolytes were alright but my vitamin low was low.

The twitching stopped but the cramping in my hands came back and now my hands feel kind of stiff. Like I can still button a shirt but my hand shakes when i hold a pen. I had to almost completely stop school as I cannot take notes.

My hands shake and they feel tense. When straight them they kinda move a little bit on their own.

Additionally, my tongue and throat started to feel kind of heavy. My doctor said it can be all from anxiety but I feel like something is really wrong. I am on 3 different types of anxiety meds now.

My neuro appointment in in 2 months which is going to drive me crazy. I live in Canada and I am considering to go to buffalo to get an EMG and to just pay for it out of pocket.

Also does anyone know what are my chances of having ALS ?

Thanks to anyone who takes their time to respond. Your time is highly appreciated.
Chance of ALS=none.

Just being on 3 meds for anxiety can cause its own problems. ADHD won't help.

If you haven't tried switching back to Adderall, I would certainly discuss that. If you had anxiety and depression before the switch happened, I would try counseling to deal with that, ahead of more drugs. If it only came after, I would reset with the Adderall, taper off other drugs with medical supervision and see an internist to evaluate the physical symptoms that remain, after a couple of weeks.

just to clarify I stopped all the ADHD meds all together. I did not use them for long time and only when i needed to focus for school. I was also only put on anxiety meds after going to doctor. The vitamin that I had low was D.

i was put on Zoloft, lorazepam and i got one more today for severe anxiety. I did not have this type of severe anxiety before i got the hand cramping symptoms.

Thank you for your time <3
Pretty heavy-duty for situational anxiety. Are you supplementing the vitamin D? Again, I would just re-evaluate the whole medication thing, get a massage, do a hot tub, do stretching morning, noon and night. Make sure your diet and hydration are the best they can be.

The odds are very low, Fatima, that anything at all is really wrong. As for note-taking, you can record on your phone or ask another student in the short-term. Don't withdraw from class and being with your friends -- they are really important.
Thank you. Your response means so much to me. Especially since I have gotten completely disconnected. I guess what make me really worried were the hand cramps that lasted for a long time. I do feel like there is some weakness especially when i try to hold on to small objects.
That can easily be down to school stress, lack of stretching, too much writing/keyboarding, not enough protein, so many things.

Check out carpal tunnel exercises on YouTube.
My doctor said its not carpal tunnel. One really random thing that I am not sure if it has an significance is that I got a positive Hep C antibody even though I never had Hep C. I have no virus in my blood. I am thinking maybe an autoimmune condition cross reacting with the antibody test. Thank you for all your replies.
If your Hepatitis C antibody was positive on a preliminary test, it’s customary to run a test for Hepatitis C quantitative viral load by PCR. It sounds like you may have had that latter test. If that is negative, then you don’t have Hepatitis C.
Thanks Karen for the reply <3
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