Worried for ALS, twitching is not stopping

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Apr 21, 2024
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Hello all,

I'm a 28 year old that, for the last week (a bit more) have muscles in the legs that do not stop twitching.

It first began three weeks in beta blockers, on a morning on the couch where my toes was moving on it's own. And then in a matter of like, two days, now I feel fasciculations in both legs. The frequency varies but it's always there, sometimes on my calves, sometimes on my thighs, sometimes quick, sometimes slow.

I think I felt some in my arm at one point but... well, the stress could be playing on my mind for that.
I also fel super tired this last few weeks and sometimes all my limbs are heavy and sometimes like my skin feels almost tight around a limb.
However, I can still walk normally as yesterday I did walk like 30 minutes to go to a friend's house.

I guess my question is, are my symptoms worrying ? I have an appointment coming up with my doctor coming but being alone in my appartment and working from home, my mind is spinning a bit.

Thanks in advance !

Please read here: Read Before Posting

It explains why twitching without clinical weakness can be a sign of many things, but not ALS.

I'd recommend not searching online, not because I think you have something to be worried about, but because it's pretty clear you are struggling with anxiety and Dr Google will not help with this. If you can't stop, a better place to engage would be the muscle twitch group on reddit or a forum like No More Panic.

Take care.
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