Worried ALS is starting in my pinky etc.

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Apr 28, 2022
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I attached the video link, so you could see what I am worried about. 27 year old female, I recently noticed my right dominant pinky being weaker than my left, since last week it’s gotten stiffer and when I move it sometimes it locks . It has the popping locking motion to it and it feels so off compared to the rest of my hand . I feel like it has delayed movements. For two years now I have been twitching well the twitching has stopped now I am worried this is an actually symptom. Like gradual weakness before failure . Ive rest my phone on my pinky forever and use the computer quite a bit. I’ve been doing al kinds of strength test and I know it’s probably making it a tad bit worse . But my ring finger is staying right next to it and it’s freaking me out that they both are going into failure . This one women commented on here that her husbands started in his pinky and he could still move it, that freaked me out . Does this sound like ALS am I doomed ?

I also want to add that it stays stiff and straight when typing and I literally cannot use it when typing like I can my other pinky. Just stays stiff and straight .
Hello- it's not clear if you've read this post yet: Read Before Posting

We ask that everyone read it, and if their questions are not answered there, or they still need clarification, then make their posts. Have you been to see a doctor for a physical assessment?
Yes, doctor said Trigger Finger and put me on baclofen. But it's like I can't believe it for some reason. She said because I can still move all my fingers etc. It definitely nothing along these lines. She doesn't even want to do a Neurologist because she said its nothing alarming at all. She said it's not muscles its joint locking. no Failure.
I'm not sure if you'll find anyone here who would disagree with your doctor. It sounds like you are not satisfied with her experience and educated answer and you are unable to feel reassurance despite her providing you a treatment and information. You could ask her for some further exercises to rehabilitate your hand and if there is no improvement in a few months, revisit the issue.
Excellent news! So, the folks here and your doctor do not think you have ALS, as you simply do not exhibit ALS symptoms. Great news!

Take good care
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