wondering about the bracelets.

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Nov 11, 2003
Has anyone else except for Mike been able to get the new bracelets that Mike put out in Alberta. I emailed the ALS society in SASK and they told me they had a bracelet but still have not had a reply if its the one Mike created. They did tell me that they have sold 600 of them and if I wanted to order I would have to tell them how many but I dont know if its the About Loving Someone. Could I do this on my own or do I have to use the society here and use theirs.
Kim ALS About Loving Someone
Go to Mike's website at cdnpals.ca and you can order them from him and you'll know they are the ones you want. Good thing about Alberta is they don't have provincial sales tax just the dreaded GST as far as I know. At least you'll save a little money. And then you can put it back into the ALS Society. Right?
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