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Jul 11, 2007
Ladies -

I know there was another "women only" thread..but, I couldn't find it.

I'd like to know what you all do about your menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, I am going through menopause now (just beginning) - so, am experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, sleepless nights. THAT is my primary health concern now - not ALS!

I am still able to use tampons, but do struggle to get them out sometimes. I'm just reluctant to give them up till I have to!

What I'm wondering though..is have any of you had your menstrual cycle medically stopped (through hormone pills)? I HATE the thought of taking yet another pill...yet, I see this as a real issue in the future.

Please do share any thoughts!

Yes my sister was 49 and having the same problems. Her doctor did give her some type of injection that stopped the cycle. From what I recall it was something that they give to men with prostate cancer? Maybe someone can help on this, or if you mention this to your doctor. Let me know if you need for me to inquire further. I know it can be done.
I am 46 and i'm going through what they call peri-menapause. My last period was 6/07. I don't like the fact that any day I could start. My doctor said she would do whatever I needed her to do. So far I have not needed her help. I know this is no help for you, I just want you to know your not by yourself in this. If you find the answer to stopping your period please let me know.

I was 51 when I had my last. I had a very heavy flow every month for about a year... then skipped one or two a year... then the last one was normal and then... Gone and so glad. I had six children, ny last at age 40, so did my "duty." You girls could all have a few years to go yet.
Thanks for sharing everyone.

Even though we are just commiserating with each other - that really does help!

Funny, I do joke about that with my women friends. "Forget about the ALS. It's the peri-menopause stuff that's driving me insane".

I guess the good thing about all of that is... It takes our mind off of the ALS and unites us with women all around the world!

I'll keep sharing any tips with you that I find. I have tried ALL of the natural stuff and it doesn't work. I do know it's possible to just stop the monthly cycle. I am pretty sure I'll do that - but, not at that point yet. I don't want to hire a caregiver for sole purpose of helping me change my pads.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I am grateful that you were all willing to share such personal stuff with me.

Here's to power surges - combined with ALS probably a really good combo!
That was exactly the reason my sister's cycle was stopped because of her husband and son having to change her pads. It was bad enough them having to wipe her. But she drew the line. She wanted it stopped and maintain some dignity. Like I mentioned before her doctor gave her some type of hormone injection that stopped it.
We just ordered a bidet. I am really looking forward to it.

I talked with a woman whose father died of ALS. She told me that was his most FAVORITE piece of adaptive equipment throughout his entire ALS journey. Because it helped him maintain his dignity. He didn't have to have anybody wipe him.

My friend has a Toto Washlet toilet seat. It really gives her the Washroom dignity she deserves. Click on the "search" and then type Toto Washlet and you should find all of the info you need.

I can't believe I finally found a place that mentions this. I can't find any information anywhere. Does anybody have problems with increased muscle weakness and bloating? Is there anything that helps?
:-x I am 44 and recently last mo got depoprovera shot. I have had my period heavy for 9 days and super weak the whole time. I was put on cumaden to prevent clots. ARGHHH!
My sister who is 48 had a procedure done called endometrial rollerball ablation. it is where they go in and burn the lining of the cervex and it stops your periods all together. it is an outpatient procedure and her obgyn did it because of her ALS diagnosis. She did great with it.
I had the ablation done because of heavy bleeding. This was several years ago, and had nothing to do with ALS. It is true that it can stop your periods, and, it would probably be easier to deal with than the hormonal effect on emotions by being thrown into instant menopause via the injections. However, importantly, ALL of the lining needs to be ablated, if any of it remains, then periods can still happen. In my case, I had endometriosis, and unfortunately not all was removed, and it did not stop my periods. However, I still remember my gyne telling me that I might not have them anymore (like this would be a problem!?) .... and then stopping by at the store on the way home from my pre-op appointment to buy more pads, wondering if it would be the last package I'd ever have to buy... I'd definitely try this before the depoprovera shot, if for nothing more than vanity's sake in wanting the estrogen for my skin.
OK. Maybe I can help with this. There are several options:

1. Estrogen/Progesterone therapy: The best choice for hot flashes and night sweats. This will also help with the heavy bleeding. Risks are blood clots(DVT), breast cancer that may increase the longer you use it, and the higher risk of heart disease(the first few years). Benefits as above. Better sleep, less vaginal dryness, less hot flashes, and night sweats. I've even had some patients notice a significant change in their mood, skin, memory, and concentration. Can you tell I like this choice?

2. Depo Provera: Not my first or second choice. Lots of heavy bleeding and worsening of depression. Very unpredictable.

3. Mirena IUD: Love it! Number one choice for heavy bleeding. Not so helpful with peri-menopausal symptoms. Office procedure, covered by most insurance and only takes about 5 minutes. OK, I'm bragging. I always liked to work quick when I have someone in that position. Only risk is perforating the uterus., during the procedure. It does happen, but usually not a problem - unless you may want to be a surrogate in the future. Patients usually have some spotting and cramping that usually resolves. It was extremely rare to remove one because of patient satisfaction.

4. Endometrial ablation procedures. A lot of physicians can do these in the office under local anesthesia. My favorite...Novasure and ThermaChoice. These procedures have been shown to be the most effective to decrease bleeding. And if done at the right time in the cycle, I note a higher percentage of patients having no periods at all.

5. Only thing that may improve symptoms of hot flashes is Black Cohosh. Not significantly better than placebo, but worth a try. This usually doesn't help with the bleeding.

WOW! That felt good. I haven't worked in awhile. If you have more questions just send me a message.

Oh!- I almost forgot. Sometimes a low dose anti-depressant will sometimes take the edge off the hot flashes and night sweats...but won't help with the bleeding. :)
Thanks for taking the time to explain the options. :)
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