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Aug 24, 2007
All you folks in the North being in the house ,No Fun, i was out today looking over my Flowers and thaught of all you Chilly folks . I plucked some Old Petunias and weeded some . Problably a good night for a bowl of chilli for you guys ,I think i'll cook a steak on the grill ,Awh something you can;t do up there . LOL Just joking with yuh . I have Petunias going and some Vincas left over from Summer ,they like it down here . If some are asking, Yes im one of those who still gets around with a cane. Everybody Have a Nice Christmas and New years if i dont get back to Yuh
Actually we grilled steaks Sat. and Sun. Well Lee did Sat and we had friends over Sunday and they brought the steaks so he cooked them. They brought the meat potatoes salad bread wine and desert. They thought seeing as I can't get in their house anymore they'd do dinner for us at our house. June even helped with the dishes. So it can be cold and miserable here but with good friends and family you can survive. By the way it is freezing rain here and we are supposed to get 5 inches of snow tonight. Fun wow. Better get the snows on the wheelchair.
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Better get the snows on the wheelchair.

LOL, Al. You always crack me up! Cindy
There maybe no flowers, but
we grill all year, in the snow, rain, freezing cold.
MY grill is under a overhang. so it does stop us.
Always good to have friends over ,and yes i forgot about grilling in the snow ,much better to do in Shorts though . We have a Golf Cart parade here in our Community (lots of your fellow Canadians here in winter)
All my buddies help my wife set up and clean up ,i just entertain ,we have the Party to welcome the decorated Golf Carts and to Watch all the Crazy Senior Citizens . This is an Adult Community and what goes on here stays here ,LOL We dont tell our Grandchildren We're crazy . Yes Al get the chains out . LOL
They are predicting the first big storm of the season for us. I told DH to stock up on snacks and wine and movies. Looking forward to lounging on the sofa all weekend, which is all I do anymore anyway but somehow it seems better with the promise of a storm.

Now my friends in Upstate NY and Canada have had lots of snow so I don't expect the same enthusiasm from them...
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