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Dec 19, 2022
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My wife has recently presented with some strange symptoms and is now 100% convinced she has ALS. It is causing her and our family a great deal of stress and I’m just looking for some reassurance. She did see a neurologist briefly the other day and they ran some basic physical tests and have scheduled her for an EMG which they said could take up to 4 weeks.
It started about a week ago with twitching throughout her body but mostly her legs. She has had a constant eye twitch for almost 6 months. She is experiencing serious weakness in her left arm and right leg however not clinical. She has lost 8+ pounds in the last week and is now convinced her calf muscle on the right side is significantly smaller.
When we saw the neuro she did not rule out ALS but said it would not be something she is comfortable diagnosing with the current symptoms.
She is 100% convinced she is dying and is not at all herself she has never been like this. Any insight to these symptoms would be appreciated.

A neurologist would make an urgent referral to get someone in sooner than 4 weeks if they had serious concerns about ALS. However, this is not a dismissal of your wife's symptoms, only that ALS doesn't appear to be on the table. Sounds like your wife is being followed by a neuro and will get more answers over the next couple months once the emg is conducted.

We also always recommend folk get proper support while they work with their doctors to figure out the cause of troublesome symptoms- this is something the doctor can provide more information and referral for if needed. Not as a dismissal of any physical causes of symptoms, but because everyone deserves care. Having someone knowledgeable and non-judgemental to provide tools to reduce anxiety and to whom they can express their fears without fear of being a burden is invaluable.
Ninelives, it’s your choice. Was your wife seen by a ALS specialists?
It is helpful for members, if you wish to share, who and where the
determination was made to go forward with an EMG. But, as replied
above if the Neuro had concerns he/she could have got a sooner
appointment. Slots are left open for that reason. The info is also
helpful if down the road a second opinion be an option… either way.

Please consider getting your wife some help/counseling. This is way to
soon for her to be convinced she is dying, with ‘weakness is not clinical’
said stressing you and family.

I hope some calm comes to your situation while waiting for the EMG.
An eight-pound weight loss in a week is significant. What is her appetite like? Has someone run basic labs? Did she see a GP before the neurologist?
I would expect the GP to be running blood tests and having her see an ENT for an endoscopy with that kind of sudden drop in weight?
She has had 2 instances of blood work done and everything came back normal. Also a CT scan which was normal. We are in Ontario Canada so the speed of some tests can be pretty slow even in serious cases.
ALS does not normally start with that kind of weight drop in the first week of symptoms.
I hope you get to the bottom of this soon, for everyone.
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