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Sep 11, 2007
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Hi all,

I just wanted to see if anyone has ever experienced these symtoms.

1) I am getting a vibrating feeling in my nose, the same feeling that I usually get in my feet.

2) I will get this very brief feeling of heat radiating from my foot or lower leg , it is just a very small spot at a time.
Hi Crystal, a long time ago when my left face started acting up i thought i was having severe sinus pain, but only on one side. When my first neuro found out he thought it was muscular in nature. Two years later my face has thinned out and my nose does get that funny feeling but now it has slowly stopped. Now it feels like someone is pinching my nose and it takes more effort to draw in air. Hope you find some answers, Sam

Ps. I have had cramps in the left side of my face for years and it has thinned out, my right side started cramping a year later after a long bout of yawning from a medication. My right side is not as small or painful as my left BUT my right side is WEAKER! Even my mouth on that side is why i spill drink out of my mouth. When i smile that side barely moves, its soooo crazy.

I dont have the vibrating in my nose, but I did get for a few months a itchy feeling there and my nose is thinner, it just feels boney.

When you ask about heat what do you mean exactly? When All this started for me, before I really noticed thigh weakness I felt a hot feeling on my thigh. I was driving the first time it happen and I thought the heat was on full blast. I looked and it wasnt. The next time it happen it felt like a hot water bottle was sitting on my leg. or water, I was concerned but My sister said that that had happen to her before at work. Well, now my thigh is a inch smaller than the other! I also had a sunburn feeling on my arm for a while and on my leg. all on the left side, wich is the weaker side. Is that the kind of heat you are having? It is not and was not the whole leg at once.


when you say that your face was cramping, could you see it? when I first went to the local neuro one of the first things that I felt (with thigh weakness & twitching) was that my face felt like it was going to cramp. I got the feeling that you get before a cramp or after. So, maybe that was a cramp after all? It also felt stiff and it was on my right side the opposing side of weakness. I thought I had sinus pain too, I started using a netty pot daily. Is that cramp feeling a cramp? maybe I was having cramps in my face. MY face is thinner, however I think it started before all this. I looked a photo while in the hosp with baby and my face was way thin for just giving birth! Ya know, you usaully look puffy.
I can still smile but when I scrunch up nose or face it (to a yuk look) my nose and cheeck muscle's shake. (I have asked a few healthy people and they have a little shake, so I am not sure of the validity of this to test for facial weakness).
AT first it was in my jaw line and the muscle in that area stuck out and was rock hard. Then it progressed up my face and along my cheek and nose. It was so tight it made my eyeball hurt. Afterawhile the muscle was less noticable and the cramping turned into a tight painful stiffness, like i what i would preceive a face lift would feel like. Now when both sides do it, it is so sore and painful but not so painfult that I have to take a pain pill or something. It kind of feels like i am clenching my teeth as hard as i can for a real long time. It's not my teeth or jaw placement that is the first thing i thought a long time ago. I have a picture of when it first happened because it hurt so bad i thought it must be noticeable. My right eye looked droopy and my left side of my face looke like it was being pulled back and my eye looked huge (wide eyed.) I hope i helped
thanks Sam.

yes you helped. My cramp feeling in the jaw and check/temple never moved by face or made it look different. And I as said, I believe it had already thinned. I get so sick of all the symptoms or possible symptoms...it just gets old.

You are really dealing with alot. How are functioning, in your opinion.

best wishes

hi samantha/april

thankfully for now my jaw spasms have calmed down,just slight stiffness/weakness and odd fasic's in my right lower jaw.
but when they were bad i felt like/looked like i had had botox :shock:,honestly i could not smile and the muscles in my face/cheeks were rock hard because of the spasticity .
though very painfull it got rid of any sagging and wrinkles but i think i'd prefer the botox:lol:.
take good care.
sounds like you and sam had the same thing! I wont complain about my facial pain after hearing your stories!


It's not the whole leg at once its like a hot spot the size of a quarter it comes on all of sudden and only lasts briefly, but is really hot. I get it on the top of my foot, and now it is starting in the shin area. I get the sunburn feeling on the soles of my feet.

In the spring we went to Disney and kept thinking it was starting to rain, I was feeling wet drops on my my lower leg, nobody else felt drops and it never did start to rain.

April, What other symtoms do your sisters get because you keep mentioning that when you say something is happening to you, they say I get that too. Maybe you have something gentic.

I lost alot of muscle in my face, more on the right side. It doesn't sound has bad as yours, when I smile my cheek tremors, my eyelid is really bad, my teeth chatter when I put them together, and my face is alot thinner also. When all of this started I was having pain in my jawin the summer of 2006 and was told probable TMJ. Every day after I left the swim club with my kids, driving home my jaw would start (probable because of the cold air conditioning in the car)to hurt and I would get this thumping under my chin, well little did I know The thumping feeling must have been twitching, because my chin is all loose muscle and the skin feels thin.

That is odd that you say that about disney and the rain. I have had that too! I will be golfing or something and ask, is it raining? I feel those drops.

I have 3 sisters. I always pull them. Who else could you ask w/o seeming weird. One sister is the one with the cramps. she has bad cramps all over her body when she moves or stretches. she is also 150 pounds over wieght, and I think diabetes. The other sister is the one that had the sunburn/ hot feeling "one" time on her leg. My little sister has the hand cramps. as a detal asst and said her hands cramped alot and her arms get tired when drying hair. SO, I dont know if they are trying to make me feel better or what. The things they have are not effecting thier abilties. My dad has alot of autoimmune issues, so maybe we do have something. That would be good. I am the only one that is this bad and it is hard to gauge thier issues. They think we all have some things with our bodies, however, I do have the muscle loss. IF it was not for that, I would think that I had something else. But the atophy with twitching has done me in emtionally.

take care,


What kind of autoimmune problems does your dad have?
When i am ready i will post pictures of my progress...... Like when my right side was not affected yet and looked very different from my left.. I must say i LOVE the way my face looks now but i dont like what is happening to make it that way... Hey dont apologize for complaining about pain! My mom has a pain threshold that no man i have ever seen does, and i have to hold back with her so i dont sound like a wimp!

That sure sounds like small fiber peripheral neuropathy to me . . . and that is very difficult to detect, even with an EMG. I don't recall your other symptoms and how they have progressed: would you care to share, along with your diagnostic and clinical tests?

Take care.

My dad has alot things but is such a strong old school man, he wont go to the docters unless he is so bad he ends up in the er! But he has had shingles, gout, and he has sarcoidosis of the lungs. He lost 25% of his lung capicity. He has sleep apnea and uses one of those things at night. He has bad arthritits, but He never talks about it. I see his hands and 2 fingers are growing apart. When he had the sarciodosis his entire body and joints swelled up! he has it under control but stress makes it worse and is what brought it on, as he was under huge stress when he got sick. I went to his rhuemy who is the chief guy at the hosp. he was the one who thought I had ankloysing spondylitits. He measured my back when I went in and it did not bend as much as it should. At that time I had aches and pains really bad and all over. In my feet, ankles, knees, hands, fingers, wrists, elbow. He ran blood work and I was HLA-B27 postive wich is the arthristis gene for Ankloysing, reiters(reacitve arthritis), and Psorasis arthritis. Only 8% of people test postive for this. SO when I did he did full x-ray on my back to look for the aklyosisng in the SI joints. I did not have any eviedence of it. (was thankful at the time, but I would take that over this). He said I have osteoarthritis. and reactive arthritis? (I am 36). It must run in family, my sister broke her hip at 35! He also ran test for sarcoid due to my dad. I was 3 points over normal and he did not think that was a big deal. He also ruled out lupus ( i did have mild elevated ana-speckled smooth pattern that has went to normal aftr colon infection) I am going back to have tests re-done to appease my neuro. MY neuro has ran all sorts of immune complex disorder tests that are fine. The only thing that I have still is elevated alt/ast liver enzymes and abnormally high b-12, not low. This can be indicative of nash, non-alcholohlic liver disease. When this started I had not had any alchohol for a year! because baby, then the colon infection lasted 3 months.

SORRY, you ask one quesion and I launch into this! I get a little long in the tooth sometime. This has always been a problem for me and know my son does the same thing to me! Paybacks are a b***!

WRIGHT: can small fiber perip. neuro. cause muscle loss?

Just to clarify, Crystal

Your "burning symptoms" could be from small fiber peripheral neuropathy, not your vibratory symptoms. I guess I glossed-over things and forgot to address the question you had about your vibrating symptoms (I have had the absented-minded professor thing going on for some time). :) The vibrating symptoms could be coming from damage/inflammation to large fibers.


Small fiber peripheral neuropathy would not cause muscle atrophy. The small fibers do not innervate skeletal muscles.

Having siad that: if you have some type of general neuropathy (from a virus or autoimmune syndrome for example), then it could very well affect different types of nerves . . . sensory and motor together. Symptoms would then be mixed: weakness and muscle atrophy, along with sensory symptoms.
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