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Jan 12, 2008
I have read many, many, many threads since joining this forum and I continually have come across people talking about AnnMarie. She is obviously adored by everyone on here, but I can't find any of her posts. Could someone please tell me her story? I am simply asking out of curosity and wanting to know what made her such a wonderful person. I also understand that she was diagnosed with ALS, which was unexpected. Any and all information about her would be most appreciated. Take care everyone.
Hi Wright! I do not recall exchanging posts with you before, but I am sure you have been here a while. I have been on this forum since June, I think, of '07. My son passed on June 3rd, '07 of Als, 15 months after diagnosed. I do remember AnnMarie. I have not heard from her in quite a while, since she got her actual diagnosed. I was going to try to help you to go back and read some of her past posts. I went to the members' list, and cannot find her. I know she was there before, but I do not know what happened. She might have removed herself from the forum, I don't know. The ones that can help you on this are Big Al, the ex-fireman from Canada, Cindy, or David. Good luck, and God bless. I am glad I got to share a post with you, we'll do it again as we go along. I love this forum. I have been off for a week, because my computer was in the shop. Just got it back. Again, good luck!

Hi Wright,
I surely know who AnnMarie is, and she is a wonderful person, she was one of the most helpful members on the forum. She helped everyone, and without Lori and Annmarie, I would not have kept any sanity. She went through a tough rode to diagnosed. and had someone cause her a great amount of stress, and felt it was good to take a break. So nice of you to ask about her. Jenny.. I am sure others will chime in on her kindness

Are you still in touch with her, how is she doing?
what made her such a wonderful person? She just had the sweetest way with words and offered comfort to all.

I hope she is doing well despite ALS...
AnnMarie was a frequent poster and helpful member here. She was undiagnosed and got into a spat with another member regarding her diagnosis and some other personal issues and asked to have her membership removed as well as her posts. I did as she asked before learning that removing a few hundred posts screws up a few things. The other person was given a 1 month suspension. AnnMarie is still alive and well or as well as you can be with a MND and still hovers here and emails her friends here.
Grandpa Al,
you always have such a special way with words. Yes Crystal I am still in contact with her, and like Al said she is taking it one day at a time. CJ-what a great description of her. She cares from the heart.. Jenny
If annmarie is still around, why hasn't she PM'd me, i thought we were buds?

If you are lurking, please PM me, it would be good to hear from you again.



I get the occassional opportunity to three way call with AnnMarie and Jenny. AnnMarie is a wonderful, kind person. She didn't deserve the grief she received from someone on this forum. It should have been kept private. Instead of making her look bad on this public forum. I am sure Iwill be talking with her again. And I look forward to it.

Love you, AnnMarie

annemarie was a rock for me during a bad time i had, i know she is not very well at the moment and needs all the help and support her friends can give her.
she is a wonderfull person and can always make me smile. she is a pleasure to know.
god bless.
Hi Wright, I didn't know AnnMarie but she sounds lovely shame about the hassle would have liked to see her posts. This may seem rude and I don't mean to be so if you don't wanna answer then just don't, but I'm curious Wright what makes you interested in ALS?
Reply to DeeMichelle

I didn't take your question as being rude at all. Were you trying to be rude? :)

My interest in ALS, you ask:

I've always had an "interest" in the disease, but that interest grew exponentially when I thought I actually had it. I knew enough about ALS to scare the crap out of myself but not enough about it to relieve my fears. I made the mistake of self-diagnosing myself and was then fortunate enough to find this wonderful forum. I came here as scared as the next person and found so much patience and support as I presented my symptoms and concerns. I subsequently saw three different neuros, have had two EMG's (the latest one was very thorough) and have been told with 99.9% certainty I don't have ALS. It's that 0.1% that reaks havoc with my mind from time to time. I have yet to see improvement in my condition, but I have been told I need to be patient, a virtue I unfortunately do not have.
I have made many friends on here and I simply do not want to leave. I stood in their shoes for a very short time when I thought I had ALS and it was quite frightening. I had the fortune of being able to step out of those shoes, which is unfortunately a luxury they do not have. The people on here amaze me with their courage and their outlook on life. It's ashame not everyone in the world is more like them, because the world would certainly be a better place. They are here helping people . . . people they don't know . . . at a very difficult time in their life. That simply humbles me.
I guess I really haven't answered your question yet, have I. I want to learn as much as I possibly can about ALS because I want to give it a voice. I want to call attention to it and I want to be armed with as much knowledge as I do it. So I have learned from the many people on here and have done an immense amount of research and I will continue to do so. I want to make a difference and fortunately I am in a position to do so. I not only owe it to these amazing people but I almost feel obligated.

Thank you for asking.
Thank you for answering and no I would never try to be rude. I was interested because I noticed that your replies are very informed. I'm glad your neuro tests indicate no ALS I hope so much that it stays that way.

I know why you want to stay on this forum it is fantastic. I do not have ALS, but could in the future because my family have FALS. Tho' my main concern on the forum is to find out all I can to help my dad. At times I scare myself with something I read on here and need to pull away, but I'm always drawn back and comforted. Plus there's even sections to make you laugh. And I love the posts by GrampAl; Capt Al; Mike; Cindy; Irma and many more....

Cheers again for your very full reply.
Thank you Dee, for the nice input. I will certainly keep you, and your dear Dad in my prayers.

hi all,
long time no write.
I just wanted to say Ann Marie was a sweetheart with a true gift of words that really helped me at my darkest hour. You all were.
Warm wishes to you all.
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