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Mar 8, 2008
Grand Blanc
I have some concerns that I hope turn out to be absolutely nothing, but I don't know where to go. My daughter will be four years old in a few weeks. When she was an infant, she lifted her head quite early, but she was always really "bobbly." A friend of my sister's was holding her (her friend is an occupational therapist) and suggested to my sister that my daughter might have low muscle tone. I ended up going through the state of Michigan (jumping through all sorts of hoops in the process) to get someone out to work with my daughter, and the therapist seemed more concerned about my daughter's slow speech development. All of this happened before she was 1 1/2 years old. Then we moved to a different city, and the state of Michigan's program was sorely lacking, so I have nothing more to report as far as the findings of the visit since there were only 1 or 2.

Since then, other concerns have popped up. My daughter has been immunized on-schedule up through her 1-year visit, but when I was in the doctor's office getting allergy tested, I became aware of the controversy regarding vaccinations, and since she had other problems, I stopped giving her the vaccines until new news is reported. She had all kinds of allergies and TERRIBLE colic (if that's what it was) for several months before she was one. So I found out she received multiple doses of some of the vaccines as part of the vaccine-cocktails (in order to administer less shots), but hasn't had any more shots since she was one.

As of right now, she has a sweet little voice, but it warbles (perhaps it's normal, but it's definitely pronounced, as if there is a lack of control), and her speech still seems a little behind, although I think she still seems clever (i.e. I don't think she has learning disabilities). Her pre-school teacher has not given me any feedback on her performance (and I don't think she's qualified or capable of answering the questions I have). It's hard not to compare her to my older daughter who was ahead of, or on schedule with all development. My younger daughter can skip, gallop, all that stuff, but there is just a feeling I have when I hear her talk, and see her write and cut. She's quite uncoordinated (again, her sister is "extra" coordinated, so perhaps this is sparking my concern), although she can do it, and picks it up quickly.

I read about mitochondrial dysfunction in the girl who just won the lawsuit linking her autistic symptoms to vaccines, and in researching that, I came upon this site which led to my questions about MND. I don't know when these symptoms show, if they can be improved, how to find an expert, etc. I pray to God it's nothing, but I want to talk to an expert.

Do I have reason to worry? Who can I go to? What do I ask? I don't know where to go. Please help. What is there to know about small children and MND?

Thank you in advance. Any advice will help.
Hi Colette. Your little girl sounds darling! We around here hear of a lot of oddball neurological things- most of them quite treatable, thank goodness! Whenever someone posts concerns such as yours we advise a thorough neurological exam, preferably by a pediatrician associated with a large teaching hospital. There are just too many conditions out there that the average home-town doc does not see.

I’d let them run all the tests and do all the evaluations before deciding to worry, knowing that by taking this step you are doing the best you can for your little girl. Please let us know how this goes! Cindy

I'm pretty sure your local public school system can test your daughter for speech problems. When my son was three, we had him tested thru the public school system, as he was barely talking (and now he won't shut up LOL). Look online for your states education system and do a search.

You are really lucky to be in Michigan as we have 0 to 26 (years of age) help for kids with special needs. Start with the county Intermediate School District if the district is not helpful. There is a process called "Child Find" and Michigan as all states are obligated to test your child. C.A.U.S.E is a parent/advocacy group that can help you also - there are many groups out there. Go to the internet for more on parent's rights of students with special needs.

Sometimes the districts make parents fight for their rights but they are really obligated to help you. The following is your GrandBlanc public school site:

Click on "Community" on left hand side and scroll to "Special Education." There are local phone numbers. Also - click on "local resources" which takes you to your county which is GISD - Genesee Intermediate School District (ISD). The ISDs in Michigan are ultimately responsible for children with special needs. When you click on the ISD site from your district page it takes you right to the specil ed MANDATORY plan. This will prepare you for talking with those in your new district. The GISD is good.

I was a teacher for students with special need (30 years) then a consultant with my local ISD and for a short time supervisor/assistant principal for special ed. Please send me a private message if I can be of help. Best Wishes, Peg
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