Where is my avatar?

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Carol Deboer

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May 7, 2003
Hi Guys,

Where is my avatar guys? I always look for it to pop up, and I miss it! Al, Ted, David, help me out, pleeeeese!

Thanks guys. Carol
Hi Carol:
Is the image on your computer in a file somewhere? I went to USER CPin the upper left side and followed the instructions from there. Use a custom avatar and browse your computer for your avatar . Then save it.... I miss the bikini computer already

Al's avatar was moved because it's the one avatar that I recognized.

Carol, if you can describe your avatar I can find it on the old system and move it over here for you.

OR, you can follow Tbear's instructions and re-upload it yourself.

I've found your avatar, but I can't seem to figure out how to link it to your user profile on your behalf.

I've included it here in this message. You will need to 'right-click' save as to your computer (click on the thumbnail first to make sure a new window pops up with your avatar in full size - the thumbnail is your avatar "shrinked").

Then you need to visit the "user cp" link in the top left hand corner of this page. Then scroll down and click on one of your profile links that should have a menu available to 'upload avatar'. You'll need to browse your computer hard drive for where you just saved your avatar and upload it.

Voila, should be done.


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Hi Boys, !

I tried the things you all told me to no avail. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Don"t know. I will try again later, however, if one of you guys could see about doing it for me........ I would really like that. Soon, Ted, soon, the red bikini will be back on that screen. I just packed it in my suitcase actually, I am going to the Carribean next week for 12 days. Can not wait. I need a vacation soooooo bad. Anyway, all the help you can give will be much appreciated as usual. Love yas....

muhahaha, I figured it out, your avatar is fixed and available :)
Ah Carol:
The bikini goes to the Caribbean! Don't forget to send pictures! The professor and I are going back to England in 3 weeks and making a side trip to Barcelona on business for a few days too. I hope it's warm there! Anyway... glad your avatar is back... this place is starting to look normal already!
Carol - that is so great you are going on vacation. I am sure it will be so wonderful for you. -me-
Thanks David,

I appreciate your help, I could not get it up and on the screen. Thank you. It is a small silly thing, but, it is me! Again, thanks and hugs to you.

Hi David, I can't locate my avatar either. It is the one with the butterflies flying around with my name on the bottom.
Can you find it for me?
You should have a file on your computer with the original Avatar from Mike. Maybe in my documents. Go to user CP at top of page and click on avatar and it should tell you how to import.
Hi all, I went into "User CP" checked "edit avatar" but it gives you no option to upload your own picture.

Has this feature been disabled ?

Thanks in advance, Jeannie
Hi Jeannie I just went to the same place and it shows a panel that says browse to upload a picture. I t should work. Try it again and if it doesn't work I'll get David to look at it. Al.
Were you trying to get your picture from a URL. or from someplace on your computer? If the URL David has disabled this function on the regular panels so people can't advertize crap. That may be the problem. If that is the case go to the URL where the picture is right click on it "save as" and save it to my documents or wherever you want to save it and you should be able to get it from there.
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