When to apply for SSDI?

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Aug 15, 2022
My first EMG was in July, '22. My dx was mid-November. Also '22 obviously. Should I apply for SSDI now, or wait a few months? I read the Resources page about SSDI but I'm confused.

My husband gave notice that he will not be teaching in the spring semester '23, so that he can be more available to help me. I don't know what shape I'll be in by the end of the semester. (He was an adjunct so the salary wasn't huge to begin with.)

Which doctor will I ask for help with this? I got my dx at my closes ALS Center. Would that be the one? No one has said anything to me about SSDI.

Or would it be my primary? I gave her a copy of my dx letter. My primary is more responsive than the Center.

Thanks in advance! (This is not an emergency -- no need to drop everything to respond right away.)
The following is only my opinion. The circumstances of your situation are certainly different from mine. So, my opinion might not be the correct answer for you. With that said, here it is.

Apply as soon as possible. Possible means that you are no longer working and have an ALS diagnosis. The ALS diagnosis will automatically qualify you for social security (if you have enough social security credits) and the approval can come very quickly (a few weeks). Of course swift approval is not guaranteed.

I can't really think of a reason to delay applying for social security if you qualify for it.

I thought you were 67? Once you reach your full retirement age you don’t get ssdi you just get regular ss if you have enough work credits
There is a good article on this on the aarp website. Just go to aarp and search for ssdi.
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I thought you were 67? Once you reach your full retirement age you don’t get ssdi you just get regular ss if you have enough work credits
Yay, I figured out how to include a quote.

Yes, I'm 67. I was the low earner in my family, so there was no point in waiting to file for retirement. I had barely enough work credits. (I lived in other countries for a number of years and took parenting breaks.) My spouse is 5 years younger so he hasn't filed yet.

So I already filed two years ago.

I read "Is it possible to switch from Social Security retirement benefits to disability benefits?" at the AARP site. I'm not sure if I understood it right. They talked about FRA (the benefit you get if you retire at the full retirement age). Well, my FRA is not much more than my current benefit. I think that means there's not much point.

I did apply recently for food stamps (SNAP) and HEAP (assistance paying for heating) and I think I will be approved for both.
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