what to expect at a als clinic

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Jan 14, 2007
i have made an appoinment at the als clinic in atlanta gorgia they made it for two weeks i started haveing twithes in my back now and my speech and swallowing are worse so i called and i was just wondering what i might expect when i get there, thanks shawn
OK Zac,

I just read this post. You'll get alot of test and a pretty thourough EMG. Make sure that you stress that your swallowing, tongue, speech to the EMG guy when they are doing the EMG.

I think you will find the ALS Clinic experience much different than the reg. neuro. The workup is much more comprehensive.

Good luck and let us know.


Zac - the MDA clinic I went to was the best doctor experience I have had since I became ill. I was with the docs for many hours and I left feeling very reassured, though still undiagnosed. I would bet they will do an EMG of your tongue, which is what you need for at least two reasons, to diagnose any processes such as als and/or to give you piece of mind. I am glad you got this appt. and wish you the best of luck there. Leslie
the ALS clinic in Atl. is wonderful. each specialist we've seen acts very concerned for my husband's welfare. Dr. Glass heads up the clinic with Dr. Khan. the great thing is you don't have to go to different locations for help with diagnoses, etc... they all come to you while you wait in the exam room. be sure to bring a book or something and maybe something to drink as this is a long process since unfortunately you won't be the only patient they are seeing for ALS.

Please try to keep a positive attitude during this process and it helps to have a sense of humor. In one exam room there is a poster of a man in a hospital gown waiting on a table. The caption reads something like "99% of men hear only 10% of what a DR. says." My husband pretended he couldn't hear at the end of the exam and really got Dr. Glass good. The Dr.'s response? "Good, you have a sense of humor- your gonna need it!"

I don't know where you live, but have you been in touch with your local ALS organization? they also can be very helpful and the Atlanta organization sent their RN to our house to interview my husband. We live about 45 miles outside of Atlanta, but they cover the whole state of GA.

good luck
Also, tell whoever goes with you to bring books, etc. Maybe bottled water. I had to wait during several tests with my mom (emg) and it is a long day in an unfamiliar place.
thanks everyone,mabey it wont be bad after all,jimercat i have the appointment with dr glass thats who they said i would see i live in mobile al. so its kinda of a long drive but only around 5 hours but i will be going by myself i think well ill let you all know how it turns out.
Hi Zac. I found the ALS clinic to be the most caring and comprehensive of everwhere I go for medical stuff. The experience is just completely different than anywhere else! They let me know is ways big and small that they are interested, concerned, and want to help. I just wish you didn't have such a long ride and I wish you didn't have to go alone. Cindy
thank you cindy ill be ok i use to drive out to califorinia and back alot so im use to driving alot i guess going trough the test and then driving back my suck a little but from what ive heard i think it will be ok and thanks for all the information.
I wasn't thinking of the drive so much as the experience of being alone at a time when you shouldn't. too bad you can't find a spare freidn or family member to go with. Cindy
Hey zac. It will be a long tiring day. You might want to consider grabbing a room for the night after that long day and start out fresh in the morning. I used to only drive 1 1/2 hours home and was bagged by the time I got there.
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